Looking to buy or rent in Spain

Looking to buy or rent in Spain

If you are looking to rent or buy in Spain then you need to read this.

It can be a mine field renting or buying in Spain so its important to start off right and go to an agent that you can trust and that will do a good job.

After living here for 16 years i have used many agents to buy and sell property here and in the last 2 years i have sold and bought a few properties so will recommend a few below.

I have tried many agents and find that although they all start out very interested in helping you they are not all the same when it comes to getting results that suit your personal needs.

You need to remember that these agents work on commissions here and get about 6% commission when they sell you a property so that can be a big pay day for them.

There are many properties for sale and rent in Spain but finding the right place for your needs can be very hard if the agent is not really tuned into you but just wants a quick sale as many do.

They will normally take you to see many places in your budget but most will be a waste of time. They tent to just take you to loads to hopefully find what you like.

You need to have an agent that knows just what you are looking for so as they can narrow down the search and take you to targeted properties that really will suit you.

I have found that after the initial first few viewings things drop off and the agent gets distracted or not so interested and things drag on a bit.


below is the apartment i just sold.


This is what i do.

Last year i wanted to sell a property i own and buy a plot of land so went to several agents that i had used before and told them what i had and what i wanted to buy.

Most seemed enthusiastic at first but after 2 months i did not have the results that i wanted.

Here in Spain if you want to sell a property you normal give the agent sole rights to sell it but i did not want to put all my eggs in one basket so used a few to work for me. After 2 months of only 1 person viewing my property and only looking at 3 plots of land i decided to go with a new guy that my architect had recommended.

I meet with this agent and straight away could see that they were very keen and listened to what i wanted so i gave them sole rights to sell my property and find me a plot of land.

Within just a few days we were out looking at land and had 3 viewings on my property. It took about 4 months to sell my property and thats about norm here if the price is right. The same agent also found the perfect plot of land for us to build my dream house, it was a little more than i wanted to pay but the area was perfect and the moment we drove into the street we know it was for us.

So heres the recommendations.

The agent i have used in Roquetas de mar Almeria is  https://manuellogmanieh.com/ the owner is Manuell and i know him personally as i did some work on his house several years ago and used his company to find properties for my clients and family here in this area. They have properties all over Spain and are very professional. You can say David sent you.

finding work in spain

The next is the agents that sold my property and through who i bought my plot of land just a few months ago. http://www.urcicasa.com/  Pedro is the boss and he is very helpful and knows many other agents in the area of Almeria and works very hard to get his commission. He was in contact with us every few days and i would say his company is the best i have known here in Spain. He worked hard to close the deal on my plot of land and got it for us at a great price.     *see what we bought here*

Always go to an agent that has been recommended and one who speaks English unless your Spanish is very good.

If this has been helpful please leave a quick comment below thanks.

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