Rent First Or Buy In Spain ?

Why You Should Rent First In Spain And Not Buy

There are many reasons Why You Should Rent In Spain And Not Buy but after living here in Almeria for more than 15 Years now i will tell you why renting at first is the way to go.

Each year thousands of Brits move to Spain in search of a better way of life. Most buy an apartment or home as soon as they come here and many of these find that after a few years the place they are in is not where they really want to be or that Spain is not what they thought and want to move back to the UK.

The problem then is that the property is hard to sell and they start to get very unhappy with life in Spain.

Why You Should Rent In Spain And Not Buy

When I first came to Spain i so wanted to but my own place here but after talking to some Brits who had lived here for many years, they told me to rent in Spain first.

If you rent in Spain in  the area that you like for a few months you will see just what it really is like. It may look great when you first see a place but what about the noise from local bars restaurants or neighbours. Is the traffic noise just to much late at night. These are things that you only find out after you have moving in so if you rent in Spain first that will give you the freedom to change when you want. Renting in Spain is now easy and there are loads of places doing some great deals.

Do you really know your neighbours?


The place i rented at first was near the beach in a really great area and had great views of the sea but there was a hotel a few streets away that never bothered us when we first moved there but after a few weeks when the weather got warmer the hotel kitchens had the windows open and there was noise from the kitchen staff and banging of plates all morning starting from first light. They also had guests in the pool late at night and the sound carries at night so we could hear them when we were sitting on our terrace at night.This was really annoying, so glade we did not buy that apartment.

I have seen so many Brits move here to Spain with great ideas and expectations that have bought without really getting to know the area. Just last year a client of mine who bought a house here near the beach did just that. He bought a 3 bed house that he really paid over the top for as he didnt know what the real value was in that area and just took the estate agents advise.

After 6 months he had the place refurbished by me and he spent a lot of money on new kitchen and bathroom as well as decorating the place. Then he was unhappy because it was quite a walk to the shops and he was not driving anymore as he had a eye problem. Just 5 mins up the road prices were cheaper and near the shops with better beaches but he didn’t know this when he first bought.

Why you should rent in Spain and not buy

He ended up selling the place and lost money then bought a smaller place up the road in the area that was better suited for him, all that money and time wasted, now he is happy in his new home up the road but at what cost.

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Just last month I sold an apartment that i had lived in for 5 years and the main reason for the move was the noisy community pool area and the people above us playing loud tv most nights. We had some new neighbours move in and things started to change quickly. Although we loved the apartment, area and the views it started to stress us out. so we bought a new plot of land and will be building a house there very soon.

Personally after years of living in Spain i would not life in an apartment again as you are always worried about what type of neighbours you might get. if the people are nice then things can be great for years but it only takes one bad neighbour to upset it all.

Rent first apartment or house to try it and see if its right for you then buy if you really like it.

Would you just move to china and buy a place without getting to know the town first i think not so why do it in Spain. this is not just my opinion but of many expats i know here in Spain.. what did you do? leave your comment below…

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