Thinking Of Moving To Spain?

Thinking Of Moving To Spain?

So you are thinking of moving to Spain but worried about this Brexit thing. What will happen, will it be ok or should we wait a few years.

After living in Spain for 15 years now heres my thoughts.

15 Years ago when i was thinking of moving to Spain there was many things that went through my mind and many reasons not to make the move but wait a bit.

The September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001 against the United States was all over the news and people thought there may be a world war, many people put travel plans on hold. I was thinking then about a move to Spain but waited….

Nothing changed, people still moved to Spain and started their new life there. A few years later i did make the move and have been here ever since enjoying life here and making great memories here.

Now people are worried about Brexit in the same way.

Nobody really knows how it will pan out but even if Britain leaves the European Union without striking a withdrawal deal, the country’s foreign minister Alfonso Dastis said his government would ensure that the lives of ordinary Britons in Spain are “not disrupted” in the event of a “no deal” Brexit.

The minister told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show: If there is no deal we will make sure that the lives of ordinary people who are in Spain, the UK people, is not disrupted.

Yes there may be more paperwork to fill in and you may have to get a private insurance but is that going to stop you living the dream life you really want. If it was easy then most brits in the uk would have done it years ago.

So are you going to put your life on hold for a few years till it all sorts its self out or just go for it and start living now.

There will always be reasons not to make the move but each year you put it off it will be harder to do.

If you are really not happy in the Uk as millions are not then why wait. why not start living your life now.

Life will not wait for you to pick the right time you have to take action to make your dreams come true.


If you are still living in the uk then you will probably be sitting in doors watching tv tonight but here in sunny Spain i am off out again tonight with friends for tapas.

“Dont let others tell you how to live your life”

Are you thinking of moving to Spain or are you sitting on your terrace with a wine right now.?



  1. Totally agree, we made the move 11 years ago and it has not always been easy, but it has always been worth it.
    There will always be a reason not to move but if you want it enough anything can be overcome.


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