Cheap In Spain. Not always a good idea

Going cheap good or bad.

Ok so you know i like a bargain and i am always showing how you can save money in Spain but there are times when cheap is not always the best. Heres a few examples below.

My building business had many clients over the years that i fitted new water heaters for and some wanted the cheapest and so we fitted them but most had problems after just a few years and these only had guarantees for 1 year so they ended up buying another better mark costing them more in the long run. Unless you buy well know makes here in Spain you are taking a chance and that goes with services as well.

I just did a post in the group about the great service Linea Directa insurance have given me over the last 16 years. We just had one of our cars wind screen smashed by a stone on the motorway and even though this was the second time in under 1 month they said take it in where i like and they would pay for it all straight through the repair company so we needed to do nothing other than take it in to the garage.

Over the years i have also had a claim and called them out 3 times, 2 for a flat battery and once to tow the car to a garage for work. they always try and put up my premiums but when i ask they reduce them every year.

My spanish friend has a car with a different company here and he pays a lot less than me but they charge for call outs and last year he had trouble with a claim that they didnt want to pay. He is now thinking to change to mine.

Phone companies are another thing here, I have tried most of them over the 16 years but for the last 5 years have been with Moviestar as they offer a better service. yes there is cheaper but we have 2 mobile phones high speed internet and movie package and they are always fast to respond to any problems we have. we have their app on our phones s o we can see just what we are using and what our bills are going to be. plus we never have coverage problems. My wifes best friend has another provider and when we call her the line is bad plus whats app calls with video to her are hit and miss. When we are on the beach with her she can never call her daughter as there is poor coverage there. never have this with moviestar.

If you are buying appliances that you want to use often then dont go cheap it will cost you in the long run. Dont go cheap on services like estate agents lawyers and anyone doing any paper work for you here. So many times i hear Brits use a friends lawyer because they were cheap. guys pay for the best you can afford here as there are things you just dont want problems with.


Again there are some cheap cars here in Spain but the spanish dont look after their cars as the Brits do so buying second hand can be a risk. Go to the main dealers as they give more guarantees and you can always go back to them if theres a problem. They do some great second hand motors now that come with these guarantees so you dont need to worry.

A client of mine bought a second hand car from a Spanish family last year and the car looked great as they only paid 2,000 euros. after 6 months the car started to have many problems and the bills started to pile up. now they need to get a newer car as theirs is no longer repairable. They need to now spend around 4,000 for something better. thats 6,000 they could have spent in the first place and for that here you can get a nice second hand motor from a main dealer with guarantees.

I have a new iphone 7 that i have had for over 1 year now and my spanish friend has a Huawei smart phone that looks great but was cheap, he has trouble with connection and his battery is always running out plus on holiday with us last year he wanted me to pass him all the photos i took as his phones camera is not that good. each tear he seems to buy a new mobile and i say just buy an iphone, he says he wont pay that much for a iphone but he has had about 5 phones to my 2.

Spain can be cheap to live but going cheap here is not always the best way to go.

What do you find cheap in Spain?

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