Hi my name is Stefania – BA in Foreign Languages and Interpretation.

After living in the UK for 15 years (Berkshire and Cornwall) and worked in varies customer support managerial roles, my English partner and I relocated to the Alicante regiorn of Spain in 2018. The attraction being the great weather (better than being battered by strong south westerlies) and the quality of life. Now, I am an interpreter for the Spanish courts, Guardia Civil and Police for English and Italian speakers.

One thing is clear, whatever the situation, it is important to understand and be understood, that is where I offer confidential help.

Here to help you and look after your interests.

Stefania Vaccarecci, BA in Foreign Languages and Interpretation.

Spanish, English and Italian

Experienced Courts and Police Interpreter

Confidentiality guaranteed

Assistance with visits for:

  • All Government and Police offices (NIE number, registration of residency crime reporting etc.)
  • Courts cases
  • Registering and visits to doctors/hospitals and schools
  • Visits to the bank
  • Contacting estate agencies and arranging appointments on your behalf
  • Attending meetings with estate agents, local Spanish lawyers and planning (NOTE: we work for you and insure you understand exactly what is happening at the meetings)

Assistance with all associated paperwork for the above, including translation.

Or anything else that a language barrier is currently causing you a problem with, call us we are here to help. Mobile: +34 680200041  

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