David’s Dream House In Spain

This page is where you will see updates of my House build.

Over the 19 years i have been here i have bought and sold several properties here and renovated many more.

This may give you an idea of what you go through when building a new house here In Spain and some costs.

The photos and videos are uploaded from several different devices so not in order sorry.

After 19 years here running a building business and working for others i have bought a plot of land and starting to build my own 4 bedroom house.

The plot is 800ms and the house is 235ms with a garage of 180ms under ground garage.

We Paid 150,000 euros Plus taxes for the plot and it is in a very nice area of Almeria just 2 mins buy car from the beach.

Architect fees are 18,000 and building engineer fees about 3,000

The project building license was 12,000 and then there are a few taxes on top around 3,000.

The concreate structure cost 97,000.This includes digging out the underground garage thats 180 ms and a long 40m ramp into the garage.

Electrician’s fees 7500

Plumbers fee 4000

Swimming pool around 16 000

water connection to the street is 2600

the electric connection by the electric provider is around 800

You also need a report on the energy efficiency of the house and the materials that you use and that costs around 300

A sound test on the windows and walls is another 300

then proof of where the rubbish was taken and a license to prove that you have disposed of materials correctly around 100 a bill from the skip company will also work but you need 3 depending on the works.

Labour costs are normally as much or more than the material you will use so thats why I am doing almost all the work on my own with just one guy helping me after they put up the footings and concreate structure.

Projected costs of total build around 380,000 euros.

Bank estimates house value when finished at 880,000 euros.

I am buying the materials myself locally from builders merchants that i have deals with to keep costs down and will be doing all building works my self to save on costs.

I will be building the house on my own after the concrete structure is up..

This should be a 2 year project to get it ready to live in but will then be an ongoing thing.

I have contracted a company to dig out the ground and place the foundation but from then on its all on me.

below a sketchup plan i did of the house it now has a few changes but it will be similar to this.

Heres the latest update.

28th May my new recording studio in my garage.

the concreate at the end of the pool is where i will build the pool bar as the pool has a swim up seating section.

Today 20 December 2021

Grass costs

We went with one of the best 4cm grass with extra thick filling. that was a special price to us as i know the company and cost 20euros a meter and the glue and tape was 200 plus 550 fitting. total around 4800 euros. expensive and there are a lot cheaper but this is one of the best and after looking around some time went for the best.

last night we poured the cement roof of the basement garage. This will be the floor of the house so now start building the first and second floors. last night we had 4 large cement mixers of cement. this house is like a bunker.

my latest magazine article on page 44 here..


Cement poor of the basement garage and footings.


So today i just laid the last brick thats 6200 bricks to close the house. every brick laid be me with my wife helping mix the cement now and then. i have designed the pool and next week have contracted a guy to dig the shape out and level the area. i have leveled most my self hirering a machine and driving it myself but we need to push on a bit now so we have hired a guy to help out a bit.

185 ms Garage dig out


underground garage


Ground floor


first floor

My new toy, i guess its a guy thing.

30440807_10216217407258579_5241572484304986629_n (1)

just had a new trailer made to my measurements

Another new toy just bought today

I have started making our new front door.

It’s my design and it’s 2.2 m high x 1 m wide made from iroko an African hard wood.

Found this 100 year old door knocker in Sevilla last week and repaired it and made a new missing part. Now just fitted it to the door I made.

Door nearly finished.

Trying to do and make as much as I can for the house until we get plans approved to start building.

This week I have made a security gate for the roof

Presenting the plans to the planning office you need to fill in 5 different papers just to present your plans crazy or what..see video below..


The best advice i can give anyone thinking of doing anything like this is get a very good architect that has been recommended and meet him or her several times to chat as i had 3 others that i didnt like or get on with that had very different views and ideas to mine so you need someone that is on the same wave length as you.

I am always happy to chat to anyone who is interested in getting more info on any building works here in Spain and you can contact me on facebook for a chat.

If any of this info has interested you please just leave a quick comment below thanks.


  1. Would you recommend or deter other people from going the self build rout.. I don’t mean doing everything them selves.. but more the bureaucracy of it all. Was the architect useful in guiding you through the process … or perhaps you knew all this stuff beforehand…


    1. Hi Magnus. it is stressful doing it all yourself and As i have a spanish wife it helped as she did a lot of the paperwork and taxes but i arranged all the building works as thats what i have done most of my life.
      It is amazing when you have a dream house that you have build even if you need to get builders to help you but oi recommend doing loads of research and expect the costs to rise now as all materials have gone up a lot. I have loads of tips if your interested in self build and happy to chat anytime if you want to call for chat


      1. Thanks David. I will definitely take you up on that. We will be doing some scouting in the fall in the area we are interested in and meeting some local pros to get a better understanding of building a house in that area. After that I probably will have questions I would definitely like to discuss with you to add to my insight and understanding.


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