Moving To Spain..What To Do First.

Moving To Spain.What To Do First.

This is a question i get asked almost daily on my websites and blogs.

Below i will tell you what you should do first and whats important.

After 16 years living and working in Spain and being married to a Spanish girl i can help you with this one but unfortunately i know many will not follow what i say.

Each year there are increasing amounts of British people wanting to move to Spain and many have a dream of a new better life in the sun, but there is one thing above all else that holds them back and one thing that will really decide whether you will struggle of flourish here in Spain.

Learn Spanish….This is at the top of the list guys like it or not. Learning Spanish will open up so many new doors for you here and not only save you time but money as well. i will explain how later on below..

This should be the first thing you start doing when thinking of moving to Spain if you are serious. Even before you come to Spain you can start learning and if you really want to live in a new country then learning how to speak their language is the most important thing you can do.


People ask me ” is it really necessary to speak Spanish ” Look at it this way….

If you want to live and work in China how difficult do you think it will be to find a job or chat to your neighbours there….pretty hard right? well here in Spain they speak a different language to English so its the same.

Yes there are many Spanish that speak English and many areas where there are loads of Brits all speaking English but simple tasks like shopping, the doctors dentists, paying bills getting the cars ITV or MOT and answering the phone will all be in Spanish. Ok you can have someone do these things for you or help you but normally you will have to pay them.

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finding work in spain

You can live in Spain and not speak any Spanish and there are many that are doing just that but they are not mixing and chatting with Spanish people and are not experiencing the best things about Spain.If yo only want the cheap beer and sun then yes you can retire here and enjoy just that but what a waste. why not enjoy it all, you can if you make a little effort.

Working Here In Spain.

if you want to work in Spain then you will have to speak Spanish and you will be competing for work against the local Spanish people. You can work in a bar or get cleaning work here but the hours are long and the pay very low.

Below my view this morning at my local beach…


What to do first

There are many things to start researching when thinking of moving to Spain and there is a lot you can do and get ready to help your move go smoothly but Learning Spanish will help you the most and should be at the top of your list.

Gather all the info first.

I have put together a FREE info page where you will see just what you need and how to get it…

Also i have made 3 videos with the British Consulate here in Almeria where he tells just what you need to do first . To watch these videos go to info page and scroll down to the videos link.

Join our Expats in Spain group to see what its really like living and working in Spain

How to start learning Spanish.

We all learn at different speeds and in different ways and what is great for one person may not be right for you.

Personally i did not get on with classes here and found it hard going but there are things like free mobile apps to download that really are fun and help get you speaking fast. tapes and videos are great to as you can see and hear what to say. the main thing is practice…its ok to learn the basics but if you don’t practice  what you have learned then you will soon forget it all.


Moving to Spain is a great adventure and it really is a better way of life here in Spain, well i think so anyway and if you are serious about moving to Spain then the first thing you should do is start learning some Spanish now.

Gracias y buena suerte para tu futuro

If this has helped please leave a comment or like below thanks.

Below our podcast show packed with info on moving to Spain..



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