Moving To Spain, Make your own luck

Moving To Spain, Make your own luck

People say, “you are so lucky to live in sunny Spain”

Yes all us expats that have moved to Spain are so lucky it was so easy we just woke up one day and we were living in sunny Spain how lucky we are.

Heres the truth.

Everyone  Brit who is now living in Spain has been through hard or difficult times and had many problems to find solutions for. They have done their research and taken massive action and risks to get to Spain. THEY MADE IT HAPPEN NOT LUCK.

Even now this week i personally have had several messages from members who have moved here now even with all the restrictions and problems. They had overcome these hurdles to made their dreams come true and they never gave up on their dream.

Others who see these may think it was luck and it is impossible for them to be that lucky. The truth is that most dont take the risks. They dont do enough research and they dont take the same actions so dont get the same results.

Gratitude yes but luck is for doing the lottery.

Over the last 18 years of living and working in Spain i have had people say this to me so many times and its like i have won the lottery.


i worked hard to be here and it takes dedication and action to make your dreams come true,

I also see other Brits living in Spain that post about their life here and see the comments they get from friends. “You are so lucky” …it has nothing to do with luck they too have taken action and worked at it to get the new life in Spain they wanted.

We all have dreams and ambitions but so many of these dreams will not come true and thats because people just dont want it enough, its just a dream and without taking daily action thats all it will ever be, a dream.

For those who are action takers they know that dreams can come true.

So much to see and do in Spain


So you want to live in Spain. Well whats stopping you?

Only you and your excuses. Ok so you have commitments, kids, jobs and money worries but all the people that have moved to Spain have been through the exact same things and found a way to make it happen…..If they can do it why cant you?

If moving to Spain is your dream then why wait. Why keep putting it off and coming up with excuses. The time will never be the right time unless you make it so.

Even if you dont know where to start or have any money, there are things that you can do right now, today, to start your dream becoming a reality.

Yes it takes time and money to plan a move to Spain but you can start today by doing your own research and finding out just what you need to make it work.

The day that you start taking action is the day your dreams start becoming real. Once you start making lists and writing it down it becomes a real thing.

Get all the information.

Once you start looking for the info you think you may need, you will come across new things that are important to your move. Just by starting to do some research you will start to discover things that you had not thought of before that will be helpful in your move to Spain.        “Top 5 places to live in Spain”

Luck has nothing to do with this as its all your own work and research that will make your dreams come true.

Life passes us so fast. Most of us will be one day retired, sitting in front of the TV saying ” I wish i had done that ” … But some will be sitting on the beach saying. ” I am so glad we did this”

which one will you be?

How’s your dream coming on?

Moving to Spain free info page here ..INFO



Get all the info you need in these new books.



  1. We done it this November, working from 8am until 7pm five days a week and dreaming of a new life in Spain ,such a stressful life in uk even getting anywhere is not easy as the traffic is mental . We just can’t believe how empty the roads are , both myself and hubby are early fifties and if we never moved I think our health would have beaten us , chest pains and heart burn now gone , it’s hard thinking I don’t see my mum every week but she is coming over soon and will have a more relaxing time instead of always looking at the clock , the lovely winter is fab , sun most days and it is a big thing as still in t shirts in the day. . And it’s true you can always say maybe in a year or so , that will never happen and the younger you are it’s easier to change your life . Just be brave it’s worth it .

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  2. If it is your dream, take time to bring it to fruition. Don’t rush, Spain is not disappearing anytime soon. Begin making it happen in a fun way by spending holidays exploring Spain; sign up for an evening class in Spanish so you can chat to the people you meet. Have a plan for supporting yourself; if you need to get a job, find out what qualifications you need and whether there are vacancies 8n your field in the area you like best. No point in being the greatest brain surgeon in a small town without a hospital! (Exaggeration, but you know what I mean.). Better still, think about starting your own business. Plan, plan b, plan c, … plan x, then go for it. People will pull faces, say how could you leave all you know, aren’t you brave or foolhardy but you know best. Then just do it. The UK is not going away anytime soon either. (Although it may disappear up its own fundament unless it gets the unmentionable sorted out soon!). And did I mention LEARN SPANISH?????


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