Are You Learning Spanish?

Hundreds of Brits move to Spain each year and most really enjoy the way of life here to start with but over my 16 years here i have seen many of them fail after a few years and there is one main reason why.

They dont bother or they give up on learning Spanish.

We Brits are the first to moan at foreigners living in the UK who dont speak English but we are the worst when it comes to learning Spanish in Spain.

With most of the world now speaking or learning to speak English we often think we dont need to and with groups of expats living in spain its easy to stay in these small communities and not need to speak Spanish but once you are living in a spain you should learn as it will make life here easier and you will be able to integrate into the Spanish way of life.

My first 2 years here i also didnt really learn much Spanish as i was working for an English company and they had people who could speak Spanish. Then i wanted to go self employed and thats when it got very hard so i started learning Spanish fast, I think i wasted 2 years and that set me back, if only i had started learning earlier.

There will be many aspects of living in Spain that can be a problem and if you learn to speak Spanish these problems will be much easier to deal with.

Dont let the language spoil your dreams of a better life in Spain.

Are you learning Spanish and what do you think is the best way to learn?

One comment

  1. I want to learn useful, practica,l daily life things e.g. food shopping, going to a restaurant, parts of a car etc etc I want to learn how to pronounce words, there is too much emphasis on verbs and grammar. Unfortunately I have wasted money on some pretty useless lessons.


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