Moving To Spain. Is It Really That Great?

Moving To Spain. Is it really that great?

Well lets see…

Each year more and more Brits are making the move to Spain and for everyone that does make that move there is another 2 thinking about it, but is it really that great a place to live and is there somewhere better?

Ok so you are thinking of moving to Spain but why Spain?

probably because its just a short flight away or maybe its the weather.

There are many reasons for a move to Spain but below are a few reasons most choose Spain.

  1. The weather. yes the weather really is a big factor in choosing Spain as when you have warn sunny days most of the year you just feel better about life in general. Going to work in shorts and a T shirt beats having to wear a long coat and an umbrella any day. The longer warm days means that even after a day at work theres time and daylight to enjoy a few hours on the beach.
  2. Life style. The Spanish way of life is slower and more laid back and very family orientated with all of the family coming home to eat lunch together every day. Some times the slow pace can be frustration and takes some getting use to at times but there really is no rat race here unless you are in one of the bigger cities.
  3. Cost Of Living. Here in Spain you can get a beer and a plate of food *TAPAS* for about 2 Euros. Things are generally cheaper here in Spain although the wages are lower too. Theres no TV licence here in Spain and road tax for the car starts at just 45 euros a year. just last week i paid my road tax for my motor bike and it was 8 euros for the year. The average good bottle of wine here is about 3.50 euros. and you can buy a bottle or cava champagne for 3 euros in the supermarket.


There are things here that are not so good like the mountains of paperwork you need for just about everything you do here. The Spanish love their paperwork.

It can still be hard to find work in Spain as there are still a lot of unemployed people here although things are on the up now. Buying and selling property in Spain is a bit of an experience too and often has people pulling their hair out.

There are things in Spain like this that are very different to that of the UK and the language barrier can be hard for some Brits.but over all Spain has a much better way of life for the people and daily stress levels are a lot lower than the uk so you really will live longer here in Spain. …See proof here..

If you are thinking of Moving To Spain then sit down and make a list and you will see that there are far more pros than cons to a new life in sunny Spain.

There are many amazing places in the world that you could move to but Spain is a big diverse country with many different regions and is just a short plane ride away so visiting family is easy. You are in a different country but it is a well known and safe place to live.

Get your paperwork in order now…. With Brexit coming up good or bad it will be more difficult after so get the documents you need sorted now and save time and hassle.

Are you moving to Spain? if so Where are you going?

Heres a good read for Christmas…



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