How to make your New Years Dreams come true

So you have some Dreams and wishes for the New Year but whats the chances they will come true?

We all have dreams and hopes for a better year next year, But most peoples dreams and hopes fade away after just a few weeks and they fall back into the routine again and just seem to go through the motions of living in the rat race world.

But Can Your Dreams Really Come True?T

Is Your Dream Strong Enough?
Do You Really Want It?

“Thoughts become feelings and feelings become actions and actions are what gets results.”

Its no good just wishing for something, you have to take action and seize every opportunity that comes along. To many people just wishing and talking about it without doing anything about it. a wish is just a wish without actions.

Lets say that your new years dream is to Move To Spain. well there is a lot that you can do to start this dream turning into a reality even without money or any real idea of what is needed.

Make A List

Making lists is very important and here is why.

Once you write something down it makes it real, its on paper and is something to touch, you can hold it in your hand.

Make a list where you think you would like to go. House or apartment, rent or buy and costs. What do you think it will cost for each item and then start looking at books and online, researching these topics and seeing what others are paying and where they get the information from. This way you can adjust your list accordingly as you go and make better lists that are more precise.

Find people to follow.

When we want to learn something new we go to people who have done that and learn from them. If You want to learn how to drive then you take lessons from a driving instructor, want to play a guitar then learn from a musician.

Well there are no Moving To Spain teachers …..but there are people who have done what you want to do and have been through all the things that you will need to go through and these are the people that you need to seek out and follow.

“If you want what others have then do what others do”

The internet is a great place to find these people and the info that you need but refine your search as much as possible. Dont just type in move to Spain as you will be swamped with info that will take months to decipher, Try to narrow it down as much as possible like area and even town then look for people that have what you want or are doing what you want. Following an old couple who have just retired to the hills in Spain may not be right for you if you have a young family who love the beach.

Once you start doing all this list making and research you will start to build up a mental picture in your head of the life that you want and then new things will come to mind to research and find out about so defining your vision farther.

Taking Action

This is the most powerful part and taking even the smallest action is a step in the right direction and will pull your dreams closer. Whats more powerful than taking action? taking daily action. yes do one thing every day to make your dreams come true. OK so is Spain you want to move to so you could learn just 1 new word a day, thats daily action and will not only help your dream come faster but will help you once you get to Spain.

I am sure you’ve heard this expression before, but here’s why it’s so powerful. Any person in history that’s achieved wild results has been able to deeply envision their dreams before they became a reality. Every single person who’s gone on to do something great first had to dream about it. The dream precedes the reality, always.

Your Thoughts are things.

What you focus on, you get more of. No matter what it is we’re talking about in life, if you focus on it, you’ll get more of it.
Always focus on the positive aspects of your dreams not how they could fail.

People who dream big are focused on those dreams. They have wild-eyed fantasies about those dreams coming to fruition. And if they don’t give up, those dreams do come true because they focused on them. They steered towards them, even in the difficult times when it seemed like they were just going to crash and burn or others said they were crazy *as my family did when i said i was moving to Spain*.

It doesn’t take money to start if your dream needs money then you will find a way to make or get that money.

Whether your dream is to move to Spain or fly to the moon, you must stay focused and start making notes and write it down. There is always a way once you really focus you will start to see your path.

Guys I was once dreaming of a new life in sunny Spain and with research and action i did it and now just wished i did it years earlier. If i can do it then so can you. I am no different to you i just take action to get what i want.

Life is too short to NOT follow your dreams so what are you doing today to start following yours.

Comment below your dream and what you are doing about it.

Get all the info and take action to make your dream a reality…

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