Can Your Dreams Really Come True?

Can Your Dreams Really Come True?

See how you really can make your dreams come true quicker than you think.

We all have dreams and hopes for a better future, some just want to move to Spain but are unsure or have some doubts. The big difference is those who take the plunge and those who continue to just dream. Dreams are great as they often drive us to better times.

But Can Your Dreams Really Come True?

Here is the proof….

The Move To Spain.

Years ago my dream was to get out of the wet and windy uk and move to sunny Spain but at that time i knew very little about just how to start. Each weekend my then wife and i would go to hotel presentations around the country all about buying in Spain. This started to give us snippets of info on what we needed and how to start it all off. We did not have then enough money to buy so  We booked a weeks holiday at the resort we liked and that was the start of our new life in Spain. On the second trip there i found work and we rented an apartment and we never looked back from there. Its all about taking action now.

Is Your Dream Strong Enough?
Do You Really Want It?

People who Dream have a unique way of envisioning things deeply, almost able to see them right before their very eyes. And that holds some serious power. Heres Why… Because thoughts are things. What we think about, we become. I know this to be true through experience.

I am sure you’ve heard this expression before, but here’s why it’s so powerful. Any person in history that’s achieved wild results has been able to deeply envision their dreams before they became a reality. Every single person who’s gone on to do something notable can attest to this. The dream precedes the reality, always.

When you go to check out cars, why do you think the test drive is such a powerful selling feature? Salespeople know that once they get you behind the wheel, the deal is almost set and done. The act of physically driving a car and feeling what it feels like to be behind the wheel is one way to bring a dream into reality. And they know that.

Your Thoughts are things.

What you focus on, you get more of. No matter what it is we’re talking about in life, if you focus on it, you’ll get more of it.
Always focus on the positive aspects of your dreams not how they could fail.

People who dream big are focused on those dreams. They live and breathe those dreams. They have wild-eyed fantasies about those dreams coming to fruition. And, if they don’t give up, those dreams do come true because they focused on them. They steered towards them, even in the difficult times when it seemed like they were just going to crash and burn or others said they were crazy *as my family did when i said i was moving to Spain*.

One of the ways dreamers fulfil their dreams is by modelling others who’ve come before them. When you hold a dream so strongly in your mind that it almost feels real, you look for any and every way you can make that dream into a reality. And to do that, we often turn to the people who inspire us.

We look to people who’ve been there and done that. If your thinking of moving to Spain then that’s proof you are here now reading this….

Write it down…make notes…once you write down your dreams they become real, they are on paper, they start to become something that you can touch physically.
Have you ever thought about that thing that you wanted years ago?

I remember many years ago i wanted a new VW golf car and started to look in the news papers for a good second hand one. The more i looked the more i kept seeing. I would be walking down the street and see a red golf sitting by the side of the road or one would drive passed. they just started to be everywhere…This was because i was subconsciously looking for them. My brain knew what i wanted so focused on them.

Whether your dream is to move to Spain or fly to the moon, you must stay focused and start making notes and write it down. There is always a way once you really focus you will start to see your path.

Below me and a few close friends


The break up

After 3 years living in Spain my then wife of 17 years decided it was not for her and missed her family back in the uk. There was other things to but after some months we ended up divorcing on amicable grounds and went our own ways and i stayed in Spain, as I just did not want to go back to that way of life in the uk.

Months passed and i dreamed of one day meeting the right person here and having someone to share my life in Spain with. I dreamed of meeting a Beautiful Spanish girl and getting married one day.

A few years went by and i met a Spanish Girl here and after dating for 10 months we got married and we have an amazing life together here now.

You attract what you think about so what are you thinking about now?

My Spanish Wife Llani and I wedding day


Best Holiday Destination in The World

Another Dream of mine was to one day go to Bora Bora in the South Pacific Ocean and stay in a Over water Bungalow. This was a little crazy as it was $900 a night and from Spain would be 5 long flights just to get there.

I started to collect info on this crazy dream holiday and got prices and details and found out that the 3 week trip would cost around 18,000 Euros…crazy money for a holiday but a dream we both now shared. Then one day we met an old friend of my Wifes and she was a travel agents in Almeria and gave us details of another cheaper rout for our holiday. Now it was on and we started to save like mad and planned for 2 years the trip in all details.

3 years ago we did it.


Our trip details.

Almeria-Madrid-Zurich-Los Angeles -Tahiti-Morea-Bora Bora-then back again.

See all the amazing photos here

The Dream House

This may be the last big dream and one that kills me but i have always wanted to build my own dream house so last year after searching for 18 months we pushed ourselves and bought a plot of land here in Spain and will start building our new dream house in July this year.

See here 


Most dreams take money to complete but there is always a way to get, find or earn the money if you really want it bad enough.

Positive thinking is great and helps but you must take daily action to fulfill your dreams and you start by getting all the info you can and write everything down. Make a list of what you need to have and do and then take little steps towards that goal.

Weather your dream is a new car or a new life in Spain its all the same and the prosses is the same.


Life is too short to NOT follow your dreams so what are you doing today to start following yours.

Comment below your dream…

Get all the info and take action to make your dream a reality…

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