Stay Positive your dream life is on its way.

Stay Positive your dream life is on its way.

If your dream life is not happening as fast as you wanted there are a few things you must do.

OK, So you have this dream life you want… you can see yourself living in a new amazing place in Spain, starting this new wonderful life.

BUT is just not happening…

“Enjoy the journey. Your dream life is coming to you..”

What you have to remember is that the universe is energy, everything is energy and everything is connected. From the smallest speck of dust to the largest star, it’s all energy. That includes your thoughts. Your thoughts are electrical impulses.

Once you start thinking about something that you want you are putting it out there into the universe of energy and it will start to materialize into your life.

We attract what we thing about.

Dreaming is not enough..just thinking about something is not enough to make it happen. You must take action as well. So you want to move to Spain…

There are so many things that you can do every day to make this dream life happen faster and its all down to how much effort you put in. Whether you have money or not there are things that you should be doing every day to make your dream life happen faster.

british expats in Spain,move to Spain

Lists.  Lists are powerful, Have you made a list? write down all the things that you think you would need to do to make the move to Spain, even if you are not really sure what to do just make a list then do a little research and then correct your list accordingly.

Is there something that you could start doing now ready for that move?

Packing...ok so dont pack up just yet, as you haven’t even got anywhere to go but you could start getting rid of all the crap that you will not be taking to Spain and this takes time and is a step in the right direction.

Are you learning Spanish? start now is Free to start as there are loads of online sites and apps that can help get you started. Again a step in the right direction.

If you just sit down and think for a moment and start making a list of all the things that you could do before you move to Spain you will see that there is loads that can be done and these things are all positive movements you should be making to get that dream life to come faster.

british expats in Spain,move to Spain

Everyone who has ever moved to Spain goes through these things, so the faster you start doing them the faster you will get there. There really is way more things to do than you first think there is, trust me i have been there.

Enjoy the journey… You must look at these things as positive things and not just chores. enjoy doing them and think of them as steps to this new life, each one is a step in the right direction.

One of the quickest ways to shift your focus away from negativity and disappointment is to list the things in your life for which you are grateful. for right now. Be grateful to be employed at the moment, to sleep in a bed each night, for the sun that comes up each morning, for the people that love and care for you, and the family you have. and for a body that lets you experience life each day. Practising gratefulness can cause an immediate shift in your perspective. Do this daily.

The more you thing about what you have to do to make your dreams come true the more you will be putting out that energy into the universe and it will open up new things and new ways to you to make this dream a reality. Things can happen fast or slow its really all down to you and your thoughts and efforts.

I have personally been through all this and you read just how it worked out for me here…. Davids Journey.

Have you made that list yet?

Fill your mind with positive tips on living in Spain see below…

See how to make it work faster all tips and advice in my 2 new books see here….


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