Spain is “NOT” the best place to live.

Why i think Spain is “NOT” the best place to live.

Last June marks 17 years now that i have lived and work in Spain and i love it here But its not the best place or my first choice of places to live, actually its my second choice.

Before i tell you where i went a few years ago and why i think its the best place in the world to live, let me just say this.

Spain has been an amazing experience for me and now that i have a Spanish wife of 6 years we have traveled a lot all over Spain due to my wife’s work, so I really have seen more of Spain than most Spanish people and loved most of what i have experienced here.

After struggling to build up a successful building business here over the years I am now retired early and building my own house here from the ground up. I say retired but in reality i have never worked so hard. Every day i get up now i am so grateful that i can work on my dream house here and although i now work harder and longer than ever before i truly love it.

Apart from the last 2 days of rain we have had here thats slowed me down a bit, still that makes 8 days of rain this year, yes i did say 8 days this year so compared to the uk, thats pretty good.

OK so where is the best place in the world to live and why?

Well a few years ago after saving for 2 years my wife and i had the trip of a life time to Bora Bora in the middle of the pacific ocean. This was no mean feat as we needed to take 5 different long flights just to get there and it took almost 2 days. It was also very expensive total cost of the 3 week trip was around 18,000 euros.

We visited Tahiti and several islands before we arrived at Bora Bora and the island before Bora Bora was the place i thought was the best place in the world.

 A small island called “La Tahaa”. It is a 5 start luxury island that you can walk around in just 20 mins. We stayed in an over water bungalow costing 900 dollars a night and although we were only there for 4 days it was out of this world. I have traveled to most of Europe and several places in America and have lived in Mexico for some time but this was on a different level altogether and way better than we ever expected. Paradise on earth for sure but at a price.

You can see my amazing videos here…

OK so why did i settle in Spain and why i am happy to stay here forever.

Although I would love to live on that perfect island snorkeling and fishing all day, away from everyone, it would be a bit restricting after a few years. We could do it if we sold the new house we are building and lived a simple life there but i feel that we would be just a bit too cut off from the world. An amazing place to visit but maybe not to live long term.

You see if you dont venture out away from your comfort zone you may never find the perfect place for you. I have a friend who lives in the UK and he always goes on his holidays to the same place each year with his family, the west country Cornwall. He has never been outside of the uk. Now thats great and he is happy but just imagine if he ever took his family out of the country to a new place. When i suggest to him to try Spain or another place outside of the uk he says its too far and too expensive.

I just feel he and his family are missing out on so many new experiences that they will never know if they never venture out of the uk.

Not everyone likes to travel i know but personally i feel that life is like a book and he who does not travel reads only one page.

In the facebook group i see so many people on the fence about moving to Spain and many are scared to try or are hesitant, stating all the reasons why they are holding back. I do understand these reasons and have been through all that myself but the ones who push themselves and find a way are the ones who discover a new life and live out their dreams.

Spain is only a few hours away from the UK by plane so we are not talking the end of the world here but just a few hours flight and it really can be so different here with amazing new experiences just waiting for those who dare.

Me and a few friends at a local fiesta here

Thinking Of Moving To Spain

I still travel a lot and apart from my yearly trip to the uk its mainly in Spain now. There is still so much for me to experience here that i am happy to live here forever.

Visiting my dream island in the pacific was amazing but the way of life we have now  here is what i am happy with forever. Spain is not paradise as i have been to paradise and possibly Not the best place in the world to live but right now i am very happy i moved here and happy to call Spain my home.

Is there a place you would rather live than Spain and if so why?

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