How To Pick The Best Place To Live In Spain

How To Pick The Best Place To Live In Spain

So you are thinking of moving to Spain, Good bye England and here we come Spain..

But where is the best place to go?

After 19 years of living and working in Spain i have travelled to most of the big cities and many of the smaller ones to and will try and help you decide where might be the right place in Spain for you.

There are really 3 main types of people moving to Spain.

1.Move to Spain to live and find work there.*mostly couples or families who will need to find work at some point of their stay in Spain*

2.Move to Spain to retire.*older generation with funds to support themselves while in Spain*

3.Move to Spain part time. *Staying in Spain for a few months or years as a trial without the need to work, or living part time in Spain and part time elsewhere*

Spain is a big country compared to England and there are many differences between the far north of Spain and the south of Spain. You may love the beaches or perhaps the beautiful hills or mountains of Spain or something in between.


Is it amazing beaches you are after?

British Expats in Spain beach life

So how to choose what’s right for you.

First the people who need to find work in Spain.

To give yourself the best chance of finding work in Spain you need to go where the work is and that may not be where you really want to live at first but it could be a start to get you on the right track.

Going to a lovely quiet village or a nice beach area may look great for a holiday but remember that many places like this in Spain are seasonal and close down or go very quiet in the winter months. Where i live in Almeria there are loads of tourists in the hotels in the summer months but from  January to April many of these hotels close up completely and the knock on effect of this could make finding work in these areas very difficult.

Beautiful inland Spain maybe for you.


Try and pick an area that is busy all year round say like Malaga, Barcelona or Alicante these places you are more likely to find work in Spain all year round. If there are tourists there all year round then there will be work there to.

Move to Spain to Retire.

This is easier as you will normally have the funds to live anywhere you like but you still need to think hard about this one to.

Many Brits i see move here  buy a nice place in the hills only a short drive from the beaches or buy in land but there is one thing you must think about here. can you get to the shops ok without a car if needed. I see older people stop driving after a few years whether its due to health issues or just don’t want to drive anymore and then they have problems getting basic shopping requirements.

How To Pick The Best Place To Live In Spain

City life with all the attractions

me and the wife being tourist for the weekend…


Also What if one of you dies here as i have seen many times, they then have big problems trying to sell that place as it was right for them but may not appeal to others so takes a long time to sell or they loose a lot of money selling it.

Maybe buying in Spain near the shops and bars will be better in the long run as you can always have a slow walk to the shops and a cold beer and a short taxi ride on the way back.

Try to think about these things when buying here as it could save you stress and money in the long run.

Moving to Spain short term

If you are buying here then the same applies to all, think about if you need to resell that place in a few years time, would it be easy or hard to sell?

If you are moving to Spain for a short time even maybe a few years, then I would say rent. Renting for 6 months to a year gives you power as you can always negotiate your rent with the land lord after a few months as they normally like people who are good payers and will give you the best deal as they know you can find a new place to rent quite easily here now. Moving to Spain short term, maybe a few years I would move around a bit try different places unless you really like one particular spot.

So where is the best place to move to in Spain?

The bottom line is what do you want to do when you are here and how much money have you got to spend ?

There are some amazing beach resorts here in Spain and living right near the beach may sound great but… when i first moved here thats what i did and found trying to park near my home was impossible as every one wants to park near the beach even in the winter months and maybe the bars will keep you awake at night if you live near the beach.

Cities are great and there is much to see. On a trip to Barcelona a few years ago we stayed in a hotel right in the centre for 3 days and got to see all the attractions but the constant traffic noise and the heat was hard to take for more than 3 days and this was the same for me in Sevilla, Sevilla was one of my favorite places ever and i have been there 4 times now but would not want to live there full time.

Want to learn Spanish Fast?


Inland Spain is  beautiful and when i visit my wifes family in Toledo or in the mountains of Finana i love the very quiet laid back life there but again a few days there is enough for me.

How To Pick The Best Place To Live In Spain

To make the right choice you really should have at least one trip to the area that you are thinking of staying and go there in the winter months, you know it will be nice there in the summer but what about winter, try it before you commit.

Spain has such a diverse way of life from the north to the south and there are so many beautiful places to pick but do as much research online as you can before you even come here, that way you will have a better chance of getting it right first time.

>Moving To Spain Free Info Page here<

Hope this has helped please leave a comment below thanks.


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