You will live longer in Spain

It’s not just the cheap beer, You will live longer in Spain..FACT

And now with Spain being the first to possible start a 4 day working week even better.

Spain to start 4 day working week.

There are many reasons why you should move to Spain but the main one is you will live longer….read on to see why.


Bold statement I know but here is why i personally agree with these figures.

Way less stress here in Spain.. you will have less stress in all aspects of life here in Spain. There are very few traffic jams or rush hours here in Spain. I remember when i lived in the Uk sitting in traffic jams just to get to work each day and then doing the same thing again each night just madness and it builds stress.

British expats in spainrush-hour-traffic

The sun shine. Waking up each day and just seeing that the sun is shining makes you feel better, when you feel that warmth on your body it makes you feel good, way better than wind or rain.

The food. Mediterranean food in general is better for your health and you don’t need large heavy meals to keep out the cold here. Spanish people eat small and often and tapas are offered in most areas.*tapas are small dish of food with each drink you order*

Mediterranean diet, Less chance of cancer.
Previous studies have found olive oil can fend off memory loss and protect against heart disease, so Spanish researchers decided to add even more oi…four extra tablespoons per day to see if it would have any beneficial effects toward preventing breast cancer.
The scientists recruited more than 4,000 women, half of whom ate a low-fat diet while the other half ate the Mediterranean diet loaded up with healthy fats.
At the end of the study, the researchers at the University of Navarra found the women who ate the olive oil-heavy meals had a 68% lower risk of developing breast cancer compared to those who ate just the low-fat diet.
See living in Spain is healthier and can help you live longer..

Lunch on the beach anyone?


Outdoors life style. As the weather is better in Spain than the uk you spend a lot more time out side and are more active in Spain and this helps keep you fitter.

My local market every week all the fruit and veg just 1 euro a kg. its cheap to eat well here..and a lot less plastic wrapped stuff.

Spanish have highest healthy life expectancy in Europe

The Spanish have the highest healthy life expectancy in Europe– and beat Australia, Canada, Norway and the USA as well. Proof here.

When you are out and about people are more friendly as they are happy its warm and sunny. When i went shopping in Brighton several years ago i remember a grey cloudy cold day where people had their heads down just going about their own business and hardly even looking at each other. They all seemed so miserable to me. Here in Spain it is not like that, people seem to have more time and are not in such a rush to get home, again down to the weather i guess.

Have more to impress….The last time i had a visit to my mums house in The Uk i remember walking along her street seeing all these nice new fancy cars sitting in the driveways. some houses had 2 or 3 nice cars parked close to the front door of the houses. This was on a Saturday afternoon and it was dull and cloudy that day. Most of these people are sitting indoors in front of the TV watching the same old crap, Now if they were living in Spain they would be sitting on the terrace or out at the beach or just out doing anything rather than sitting in front of the tv. Its not important here how nice your car is and the Spanish are not as much into *keeping up with the Joneses* as they seem to be in the UK.

Stress and worry is what makes you ill and eats away at you making you age faster and more likely to have medical problems. When every i am in the UK my leg aches where i broke it when i was young but here in Spain the dry warm weather means i never have this ache here. you really do feel better in the sun and thats why so many Brits come to Spain for a holiday.

Remember how great you feel when you go out in your best clothes and you have a nice tan.

After working in the UK for many years as a builder out side in all weathers i would never go back to that way of life again but when you are there its hard to really see that there is a better way of life until you are here. How many times have you been on holiday somewhere and thought…“God i could live here” well why not? …there is always a way. life is short and you should enjoy as much of it as you can, so if you want to live longer Move To Spain.

Do you eat better here in Spain?

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