Why I Am Happy To Stay In Spain For Ever

Here is why…

For the last 16 years I have been happy to say that Spain is my home and enjoy very much the way of life here and will be happy to stay here for ever.

I will always be British but now being married to a Spanish woman for over 5 years I feel i really have become as Spanish as is possible for a British person.

First off let me just say that I have travelled a lot and over the years visited many amazing places, from seeing most of the countries in Europe to the far away tropical islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora and many other countries along the way.

Spain was not my first choice as many years ago I wanted to live in America as I have a good friend there who i visited a few times and back then loved the way of life there but have since come to realise that the USA would not have suited me or my needs.

So why Spain?

As a kid I had many holidays to different parts of Spain with my parents and have great memories of Spain in the olden days and guess that there was always something about Spain that must of pulled my back.

After working as a carpenter and builder in the UK for many years i became use to working in all weathers like wind and rain and dark early nights that seemed to last for months. There was something about the way I and people around me in the UK worked hard to enjoy the short time they had free at weekends did not sit well with me. I wanted a better way of life and couldn’t find the answer in the UK.

Its not just the weather or is it?

The beautiful green British country side is amazing but the fact is most working people never really get to enjoy much of it as the weather and work commitments hinder them.

Spain’s warm year round climate means that you can enjoy a more outdoor way of life and even after working long hours as so many Spanish do, you can still enjoy the long warm sunny afternoons that are a norm here in Spain most of the year round not just a few weeks of the year as in the Uk, so yes the weather is a major reason why I choose Spain as my home.

There doesn’t seem to be the rat race way of life here as in many countries and Spain is all about family and enjoying time with the family. All businesses and shops shut at 2pm for 2 hours so as families can have lunch together and after work Spanish families enjoy time together at home and out enjoying the long days here.

Below me and a few friends at a local fiesta.

Thinking Of Moving To Spain

The Spanish are not so driven by money and wealth but more into enjoying quality time with friends and family and a more laid back stress free way of life that has now been proven to put Spain at the top of the table for having the longest healthiest life style in the world. See proof here.

Many people struggle all their life to earn money to buy all the things they think they need for a happy life but the truth is these people miss out on enjoying the journey and by the time they have the money or the time to enjoy it its too late .

I have visited many amazing countries and places that I like as much or more than Spain but as a place to live long term Spain has it all for me and thats why I am happy to stay here for ever.

Thinking of living in Spain then get all the info now here in my 2 new books.

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