List Of Where To Find Work In Spain

Below i have put together a list of sites and places that Spanish look for work in Spain.

I often hear members say ” Theres no work in Spain”.

Ok so there is unemployment rising all over the world now and with the virus it is harder BUT there is work in Spain if you look hard enough and if you have the skills. If you dont have the skills that are in need then get them, retrain do something eles.

Just this week one of my members got a contract job here with a Spanish company and his Spanish isn’t even that good. see how here.. Click Here

If you dont understand the adverts below then use google translate, there is always a way if you really want it enough. Years ago when i was finding work slow, i printed off some flyers in English and Spanish advertising my services and posted these daily and when i was out and about even some evenings when i was out for tapas and a beer i would have a few of these and post them in bars shops anywhere i thought i might get work. It took hundreds but i did get several jobs and a few long standing clients from this one thing.

Below i have prepared a list of places my Spanish friends look for work and i have use many of these over the years. Also videos podcasts and blogs all about finding work in Spain so now go get that job…

one of our members just got a job in spain see how below…

I even have a book out on Amazon and kindle that is packed with tips and links on how and where to find work in Spain..just click below..

British expats in Spain
Below our Podcast show on Finding work in Spain.

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