Do you Really Want To Move To Spain

Now more than every thousands of people are seriously thinking of Moving To Spain for a better way of life. But they will have to go through some tough decisions and loads of paperwork and the mine field of info thats out there.

So who should they listen to and why?

17 years ago when i first moved to Spain there was not the facebook groups or info out there to help and i mostly did it by guess work and just took a chance. This is why i started this blog, group , Youtube Channel and Podcast Show, to help others follow their dream of moving to Spain and gather the info that they need to make their move as stress free as possible.

There will be people and even a few of our members who will tell you that its hard here in Spain. its not easy to get work and its not as great here as I often portray.

There will always be downsides and negative people pointing out these downsides and most of the time its because they have not done enough research on the right areas for them or havent bothered to learn Spanish so find it hard here.

If its your dream to move to Spain then there is really only 3 things you need to get right.

1, Do loads of research on areas that you like to make sure that you are going to the right area for you. If its work you need to find then maybe that lovely quiet village in the hills may not be right to start with. If you love the beach front then is that really great all year round and does it close down as many do here in winter for a few months.

Remember you can always move on once you are here a while and get all the paperwork sorted and gain some experience.

2, Finances. Make lists of what you think you will need in the way of money, how you are going to live once you are here and what this will cost you. The first 6 months i was here i went out for tapas 5 nights a week and eat out a lot but once you get into a routine you normally live pretty much as you would in the uk going out mostly at weekends, although with tapas and drinks being cheaper here you can aford to go out more than in the uk and with the weather being so much better most do live a more out doors way of life here.

There are expense here that you may not have in the uk but most of the monthly expenses here are a lot less than the uk but you need to know what it will cost you long term and stay within that budget.

3, Learn Spanish.. yes well my top tip and by far the most important one is to learn the language .

So many dont and these are normally the ones that struggle here.

You should start to learn Spanish even before you move here and this costs nothing as there are free courses and apps online to get you started and even learning some basic words and phrases will help yoiu so much more than you think once you are here.

You will see and hear things from people that will put you off and make you doubt your dreams but remember that its your dream not theirs so go for it anyway.

Life is short and the older you get the more you will realise this so look for and follow people that have done what you want to do, see what they did and how they went about it, ask them get mentored by them, we have a free mentor group just for this in the facebook group. You will find someone that has done what you want to do , someone that has similar likes as you and 2.4 kids just like you. what did they do ? how did they do it and what mistakes did they make? All this info they will freely give you as most of our members want to help and encourage others to live their dreams.

I try to keep my sites and groups as possative as possible and often delete the negative moaners as i find they just want to bring people down.

Moving to Spain is not easy, nothing in life worth having ever is. If it was that easy then most of the UK would be moving to Spain, trust me with the way the uk is going at the moment i personally thing most are thinking hard about doing it.

You will be confrunted with obsticles hrudles and problems thats for sure we all do when moving to Spain but remember that thousands of people move to Spain every year even now and they have all had to get over these priblems to live tha life of their dreams so if they can do it then why cant you.

Join these groups, find and follow these positive people that are doing what you want to do and learn from them. Follow the 3 steps above and then take daily action no matter how small a step it is and in time you will get what you want.

Please leave a comment here saying why you want to move to Spain.

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    1. Morning Jayne
      I am reaching out to my new and long standing members.
      I have started a new website dedicated to members who really want to live and work in Spain.
      Loads of new benefits
      I will NOT be sharing my info in the Facebook groups anymore, it will now all be on my new site.
      No spam. no adverts, just all my new information and help plus personal help from my Experts.
      I want to give more value and more of my time to my members who have been with me some time or who really want this info and advice. I will be providing so much more in the coming weeks and want to give over the top value to my new members. I have so many new ideas coming to this group very soon.
      I hope you can come join us as its where I will be uploading all my new content from now on.
      I will be offering more personal help to my members see my new site here
      Regards David Wright


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