There is work in Spain.

Some members are posting that theres No work in Spain and its really hard to get a job in Spain.

Heres my 17 years worth of experience of what i am seeing here.

There is a crisis all over the world now with this virus and finding jobs anywhere is harder thats for sure. BUT there is work in Spain for those who look hard enough. The problem is most dont.

Heres the problem and why some say theres no work here.

They cant even speak the same langauge.

If you cant speak Spanish then of course it will be hard to find work in any country where you dont understand what they are saying, that would be the same anywhere not just Spain.

Many brits pick the wrong areas. If you need to find work then you need to go where the work is and that might mean you moving to a populated area of Spain thats not your dream destination at first just to give yourself a better chance of getting work. You can always move on once you get established here.

Not got the right skills that are needed.

Many people who move here are not skilled at anything or the work experience they have is not what is in demand here in Spain.

If your unskilled worker then you will find the job market linited and that will be the same in any country not just Spain.

Whats in demand in Spain?

Right now skilled trades people are earning great money.

Like carpenters, plumbers electricians and all building trades.

Where i am building my new house in Almeria there is loads of building works going on and even more near the airport. These sites and new house builds are crying out for building trades people and just this week i have had great trouble getting tilers and plumbers. 200 a day is not over the top to pay for these skilled workers here at the moment. And some say the money is no good…Last week i needed a plumber to change a pipe connection and he charged me 50 euros for 1 hour.

Its not just building trades though. mechanics are also in great demand now and are all very busy.

Unskilled workers like cleaners are also needed here. Last week i spoke to a lady i know who set up an apartment cleaning business several years ago cleaning holiday homes for expats and she now has 8 girls working for her and is looking for more, she now offers key holding service and this has taken off as well.

Most people who move here that are not skilled go to their local bar ask around for jobs get no response then say theres no work in Spain.

Even now after Brexit and with the virus , Harry one of my members just goit a contract job here, have a listen what and how he did it..

Guys i have lived here 17 years and never been out of work. yes it has been slow at times but then i changed what i did and learned new skills.

One guy i know was here last year didnt speak Spanish and was not skilled. He coulnt find work so he went out to all the brit bars asking around every day. he posted flyers out offering his diy and handyman services and after doing this for weeks he got a few small jobs. Now he also cleans pools and gardens and is working from his small van all week and loves it here. He also has a few Spanish clients as he is learning Spanish.

You need to get off your arse and go find the work as it will not come to you.

Theres always going to be a crisis or low employment or some other reason why you cant find work but if you want it enough you will find it.

Not being prepared.

Then theres the ones who dont have nie residencia or the correct papers to work here. You have to help yourself and do it right get the papers you need to be working here legally or no body will employ you.

Last week i posted asking members of this group who has a job here and in just this one small group over 400m members that saw that post posted that they had work here. Thats 400 so if they can find work here why cant you ? are you really trying hard enough and have you got skills that people need ? if not retrain learn new skills its never too late.

If you have a job here then comment below what you do and show our members there is work here for those who want it enough.

Where to Find Work in Spain….

Below i have created a list of places and sites where you can find work in Spain

Click Here …WORK IN SPAIN List

Expats PODCAST SHOW On Finding Work In Spain listen here…Click here

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