The Cost of NOT living In Spain

There are posts i have done about the costs of living in Spain but what about the costs of NOT living in Spain?

updated Feb. 2022

Lets say you are thinking of moving to Spain but still living in the UK.

The UK has the highest level of tax on property as a share of country GDP in the European Union, latest figures reveal.
According to Eurostat’s annual analysis of the Union’s taxation trends .

UK Council tax bills are set to rise at more than twice the rate of inflation, with bills in England expected to go up by an average of 4.7 per cent in 2019/21, as local authorities struggle to fund social care. Costs are expected to rise in 2022 to an all time record. Energy bills already going through the roof.

Britons spend an average of 48 hours at work each week – more than anyone else in Europe. They also spend more time travelling to and from their place of works. Mostly sitting in Traffic. I know i did that for years.

Householders all over the country are starting to lose their weekly visit from the binmen as councils come under mounting pressure to switch to fortnightly refuse collections. Many councils have now adapted this time table. My mum is 83 lives along in Brighton and her collection is every 2 weeks. In Spain they collect the rubbish EVERY night.

Its not all bad living in the UK though, you can earn more money in the UK i sure did. but at what cost to your health. Most working Brits work hard long hours just to support the life they lead and dont really have time or the money to enjoy their free time.

This is how stress builds up and there is now a growing amount of people who are not able to enjoy their retirement as they are in bad health.

What is the point of working hard all your life if you cant enjoy it later.

Now i am not bashing the UK, i love England always have, always will but i just dont want to live there anymore.

The system of getting a job and working most of your life to enjoy a few years of retirement is what many Brits are now realising is not what they want.

Rat race uk or sunny Spain.


We all have family commitments like kids and mortgages but so do most of the Brits that have moved to Spain.

Is life not meant to be enjoyed? and if so when?

How many years are you going to work your fingers to the bone till you can start enjoying life? When your 68. 70? well if the uk government have their way it will soon be 80. People are living longer now but in what health condition are these older people and what life are they living . Sitting in an old peoples home most of them watching repeats on tv. Thats not life. Well not for me anyway i watch both my nans live in old peoples homes for years till they died both in their 90s.

The costs of NOT moving to Spain can be much higher than you think.

Its now FACT, You will live longer in Spain.. see why here..

Yes its harder now with brexit and the virus and there have always been obsticles and reasons why its hard and maybe thats a good thing because if it was easy then most of the uk would be living in Spain.

I try and encourage people to move to Spain if thats their dream and yes there are difficulties and problems here but why highlight these and put them off. Personally i prefer to encourage them to find solutions to their problems to follow their dreams. Look many brits move to spain even now with all the problems oif brexit and the virus and they still will in the coming years. maybe less of them now until things settle down and the governments reduce some of the criteria as i am sure they will.

I do have a moan up at times and tell of the problems here but try to not spend as much time highlighting the problems as guiding members to the solutions.

This is my 19th year living and working in Spain and it has had its ups and downs and believe me i have been through more than most with a divorce, the the 2008 financiual crisis here and loosing 80k on a house sell. Running 3 different businesses here has been challenging as well, all bringing very different problems to get over but heres the thing. I could have done all this in the uk and maybe got over them all ok as well but the bottom line was that i was not happy living that rate race life and know that if i waited till i was of retirement age i would have worked hard all my life to maybe enjoy a few years as a pensioner,

Here in Spain i worked longer hours for less money but it didnt seem like work most of the time it was enjoyable even earning less money because my way of life was less stressful.

“looking for Private health cover in Spain”

“But theres no work in Spain” …This i have heard a lot here mostly from people with no real skills or skills that are not needed here. You need to adapt to change and learn new skills as its never too late to learn new things. Finding Work in Spain can be hard even more so now but you really need to think about the areas that you want ti live and the areas that there is work as they may be very different. Find work first then you can always move later to where you want to be as you will have experience and maybe have learned some Spanish.

My first years here had to drive 1 hour each way every day for 6 days a week for 2 years to work on a site where the work was and gain experience and learn how things are here. Then i moved and worked in a different area and things where a lot easier.

Moving to a new country is a big deal but Spain is only a few hours away by plane its not like going to Australia as my friend did several years ago. There are as many restrictions and hurdles to get over moving there and its a bloody long way away if you need to get back.

I love living and working in Spain and always have. I encourage people to do the same if thats what they want, never wait, dreams are for living not wishing, we spend so much time wishing for things rather then just going after them. I try to guide people in the right direction to obtain the info they need to make their move as easy as possible.

There is enough out there telling you how hard or unfair life is so you dont need me for that. Life is what you make it and its never luck as some think . luck is winning the lottery. People who move to Spain and get to live their dream life will tell you it was not luck that moved them here it was hard work a bit of risk taking and loads of action doing.

Ask yourself this… What is the true cost of not following your dreams and not living in Spain?

Choosing not to could well shorten your life or at the very least harm your health.

Heres a saying i love….

Would you rather be sitting in a rest home at 80 in front of the tv with a blanket over your knees watching repeats on tv OR saying “ I wish i had done that” OR

Sitting on a terrace in warm sunny spain with a glass of wine in your hand watching the sun go down saying ” I am so glad i did this

Not moving to Spain could well cost you way more than you think.

Are you thinking of a move to Spain?

Is it a dream or are you really going to do it?

Comment below.

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this post updated 2nd november 2021

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