Dream Of Moving To Spain

16 years now living in Spain and i still remember the day i first started dreaming of a move to Spain.

If you think is impossible then read this…

It was a wet and windy afternoon in Brighton England and i was sitting in my works van on my way home from work. It had just gone 5pm, it was dark and i was again sitting in the same traffic jam on my way home with cars moving at a snails pace and rain lashing down and the wipers of full blast.

Looking out my side window i saw a large poster above a shop showing some pretty girl walking on a sandy beach with a dress blowing in the wind. It looked like a travel ad but reminded me of a holiday i had in Spain many years before. How i wished i was there right now instead of sitting here.

Thern a thought hit me. WHY NOT.

But although a 2 week holiday would be nice there, after that it would be back to this rat race again.

If only i could live there for ever. Then i started thinking why not.

My then wife and i were both fed up with out jobs even though we both earned good money. With just One 2 week holiday each year then back to the rate race all for what. We worked all week just to pay the bills and big mortgage we had on a nice house we only really slept in as we worked all the time. Even when i had time off it was the weather that mostly stopped me going out and doing the things i liked.

On that drive home i started to think of all the ways we could move to Spain for good.

Work, money jobs, buying a place there all these things seemed to be rushing through my mind.

When i arrived home i walked in the door to meet my wife and shouted out ” i am fed up with this country we are moving to Spain” She was in the kitchen turned to me and said “ok lets go”. I was a little shocked as i sort of said it as a joke as i was just so fed up but she was serious.

“I mean it” i said “OK lets go then” she said. really you mean it because i could live there for ever i said and that night we sat down with a glass or 2 of wine and started talking about all the things we would need to do like sell the house and find work.

The next morning i thought it would be all forgotten but far from it. My wife was as fed up with life in the uk as i was and wanted a better way of life so all that Saturday we talked about our finances and what we could do.

All that weekend it rained so we stayed in and talked about moving to Spain. We decided that we could go for 6 months without her loosing her job and as i was self employed we could rent for 6 months to give it a go.

That week we started to let our friends and family and they all thought we were crazy and that it would not amount to much but 3 months later we had a weeks trip to Spain found a place to rent and i found work all in 1 week.

Sounds like a crazy dream but it was like that and we did take massive action and a few risks but made it happen.

If you want to know how and what we did and how i managed to live and work here for 16 years then you can read all the details in my book…

How did it all start for you? was there 1 thing that made you want to move to spain or many things?

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