The Ultimate Dream Holiday

Would you spend  €20.000 on a Dream Holiday ?

I did see what i got.

Just like many other people i love to travel and each year i look forward to booking a great holiday.

over the years i have had some great trips to faraway places and spend most of my money on travel… well that was until i moved to Spain and then i just travelled around Spain with my Spanish wife and had my personal guide to show me some amazing places in Spain.

We did have a 4 trips to Mexico as her daughter was working there and we loved it there.

The dream Trip.

There was always one place that i had dreamed of going before i died and that was Bora Bora in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

th th (2)

It was really just a dream but then my wife and i sat down and started to think about where we would like to go on holiday next and i said as a joke Bora Bora.

Well she replied ” when we are retired maybe”.

Why wait i said. we both work hard and our friends had just bought a new car that cost 18,000 i would rather spend that on a dream trip.

We then started to really look into the costs and did a lot of research on it.

Bora Bora is hard to get to as you have to go to Tahiti first then a plane and boat trip crossed several islands just to get there and as we were living in Spain it was even more of an adventure from here.

Finally one day we sat down with a travel agent and started to plan it out.

The trip was as follows.

Almeria, Spain to Madrid airport

Madrid to Zurich

Zurich to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles to Tahiti

Tahiti to Moorea

Moorea to La taha

La taha to Bora Bora.

And then back again…quite some trip.

we stayed 3 nights in each place more or less and then 4 nights in the 5 start hotel Le Méridien Bora Bora staying in an over water bungalow.

My on our private bungalow terrace.

Dream Holiday

4 nights was enough as it was 900 euros a night and a beer was around $12.

In total with spending money and all flights we paid about 20,000 euros.

Dream Holiday

We had an amazing adventure and saw some incredible things and did some crazy things like swimming with sharks in open water….See all the videos here

It was not really a holiday but a life experience that will stay with us for ever.

We wanted to enjoy it now while we are still able to rather than wait till maybe its to late or we are to old to do it.

Yes it was a lot of money about 5 times what we normally would spend but it was 5 times better than normal. Our friends still have their new car thats not so new now and will need changing again in a few years but we have memories and experiences that will stay with us forever.

Now we have just bought some land in Spain to build our new dream  house …you can “follow the build here”…  so now we are not so much into big trips although we still travel but on a smaller scale and closer to home.

At the end of the day its not the money or the place but who you are enjoying it with. i have had some great adventures that have cost next to nothing but its all about enjoying new places and new experiences.

Travel is like a book, he who does Not travel reads only one page”

Do you love to travel and …

Whats the most you have spent on a holiday and where would you like to go?

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