when It Comes To Moving To Spain… Are You A Sheep Or A Lion ?

when It Comes To Moving To Spain…

Are You A Sheep Or A Lion ?

Many British people are now considering a move to Spain in search of a better way of life but for every person that does make the move there is another 10 still thinking about it and many of these will never do it.


They will say its money, work commitments, kids or many other reasons but they are heavily influenced by others , what others say and what others think, we all are all influenced every day. Sheep following sheep with their heads down just going through life till its too late.

I love the uk and miss many things there but the rat race life style and they way we are all brainwashed by tv and media on how important it is to get a good job and work hard all your life and save for retirement.

TV bombards us daily with amazing products and foods that we just must buy now to make our lives better but even with all these things you will be just working in the system to pay for them and never really have the time or money to live as you really want.

when It Comes To Moving To Spain

Be a Lion and break free from the rat race. If you have a dream to move to Spain then you should focus on that and not others or what they are saying. Brexit will come and go and what ever happens Spain is not going to throw all the British out, they need our money too much, so dont make that an excuse.

Your dream is just a dream unless you start taking action. Dont let others or hear say influence you on how you want to live or where you want to live.

So many times in my life i have known people who have had great dreams but died before they can achieve them.

Life is very short and it is meant to be lived not just go through the motions.

when It Comes To Moving To Spain

“Start Taking Action”

Get all the facts, make a plan and gather all the info you think you will need. As you start to make lists and gather the info you will come crossed new and more relevant information that will help you make the right decisions .    “FREE Spain Info Page”

“If you look towards the end of the road you will see the end of the road but if you go to the end of the road you will see the beginning of the motorway” 

For years people have up sticks and moved to new countries and they will continue to do so. If your dream really is to Move To Spain then you should have a plan a date and started research, if not then its just a dream and we all know what happens to most people’s dreams.

Be a Lion and break free from the system and the sheep following it, Follow your own dreams always.

What have you done to kick start your dreams?

Let us know below as when you start writing it down it starts to become a real thing.

More info on real life in Spain below…


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