You are invited

I have been inviting some of the active members of my groups to join us on my New members site.

If you have not yet had or seen your invite then see below.

Whos this for?

People living in Spain now and those wanting to move to Spain.

I wanted to let you know about my latest project – a brand new website dedicated to our community of those living in Spain or those planning to move here in the future!

As a member, you can enjoy a range of exciting benefits such as free Spanish lessons, consultations with top experts, and access to all my informative videos and podcasts – all conveniently located in one place!

New online Spanish video lessons Course coming very soon included in the membership.

To ensure you receive the best possible experience, I will no longer be sharing my time and  information on Facebook groups. Instead, everything you need will be available on my new website, free from spam, adverts, and negative individuals.

But that’s not all! Our business page is also packed with even more exclusive offers and benefits for our members.

I want to show my appreciation for my new members by providing even more value and personalized assistance. In the coming weeks, I have plenty of exciting ideas in store, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

So why not join us today and take advantage of all the new content and features available on our website? As always, I am committed to offering my members the very best help and support, and I look forward to providing even more personal assistance on my new site.

For those that may think 5 euros is too much then i say this.

If it really is your dream to move to Spain then you will find a way to get the 5 euros or you would not make it in Spain anyway and maybe this is not for you.

For those already living here you will never miss a news update again and be kept up to date with all the important stuff without having to look around for it. You never know when you will need an expert to ask a question and get a fast answer.

David Has always given value and now here on his new site he will provide over the top value and build on it weekly.

Visit my new website now and let’s continue to grow and learn together!

To see the benefits and what others a saying see here

Regards David Wright

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