David’s 5 things you must do in Spain

To fully enjoy your life in Spain, there are 5 things you should do:

1.Learn Spanish: This may seem obvious, but it’s essential to living and thriving in Spain. Although many foreigners don’t bother to learn the language, it’s one of the most critical steps to making friends, finding work, and getting the most out of your experience. New online Spanish lessons for member’s

2.Mix with locals: While it’s natural to gravitate toward people who speak the same language as you, you’ll get a lot more out of your time in Spain if you make an effort to meet and socialize with Spanish people. This will open doors to new experiences, cultural understanding, and more.

3.Travel within Spain: Spain is a diverse country with many unique regions and cultures, so don’t limit yourself to just one place. Traveling around the country will give you a better understanding of Spain’s history, traditions, and people.

4.Try new foods: Spanish cuisine is rich and varied, so be adventurous and try something new when you’re out dining. You’ll be surprised at the delicious dishes you can discover.

5.Shop where the Spanish shop: Avoid overpriced tourist traps and instead look for local markets and suppliers. This will help you save money and give you an authentic Spanish experience.

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Lastly, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate your surroundings and the slower pace of life in Spain. By following these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying Spain to the fullest.

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