Lucky or Grateful. Which one are you?

Actually i consider myself both and here’s why.

There seems to be some resentment in groups even in this one from people who think those living in Spain now are lucky or where just in the right place at the right time and now living their dream life in Spain was easy when they did it.

I do understand that its harder to move to Spain now with the new restrictions but never impossible unless you really believe its impossible.

“If you think you can or you think you cant, then your right”

19 years ago when i moved to Spain there was not the amount of online info or help regarding moving to Spain. Social media was very new or none existent, although people were moving to Spain back then it was not readily available to connect or learn from these people.

Was I in the right place back then and was it easier for me? Well i didnt think so back then. It sure didnt feel easy to me back then in fact quite the opposite but i did it anyway, There was so much i needed to learn and the research back then was harder.

Lucky ? Well i do get annoyed some times when i hear that as i strongly believe that we make our own luck in life by taking action and making choices and taking some risks.

Luck to me would be winning the lottery not moving to Spain. Although i am always very grateful that i am here now.

I have myself in the past envied others for different reasons and thought that life was unfair but we are responsible for our own lives and we often make bad choices that divines our future.

Have i made bad choices ? hell yes, many, but i think i have learned hard lessons from them and learned to make better choices. I realise that the decisions i have made over the years has got me where i am now and it was only my fault for my failures and successes . Making decisions is like learning anything. The more you do it the better you get at it. Its just that some make very few decisions or spend way to much time thinking about it first.

Being in the right place is easy. You put your self there.


Well lets say you want to move to Spain. You need to eat, sleep and drink everything about Spain and every thing related to it. Really immerse yourself in everything related to moving to Spain. Seek out find and follow those who have done what it is that you wish to do and do as they did to have what they have.

What you think about you become

Join groups and clubs . Watch videos, listen to people who have been there and done that. Read and research how, where, when and why.

The more you look for and find related material the more you will have these new doors open up and new ideas that you once thought impossible.

The limits we have are only what we put in our heads.

Ok so you now need 30k to move to Spain full time. So what could you do to get that ?

Maybe you need to change jobs get another job retrain or start a new business that you have been thinking about. Sell something or cash in some investments.

To get to where you want to be you need to know where you are now. Write down what you have now money assets investments what ever. Then write down where you want to be and a time frame to make all this happen. You can go anywhere if you dont know where you are starting from.

Lists is always the key as once you start writing it down it becomes a real thing that you can touch. Then start taking action on that thing to push it forward.

“Look to the end of the road and you will see the end of the street. But walk to the end of the street and you will see that start of the motorway”.

Ask yoiur self if you really are doing all you can to get where you want.

What else could you do?

Look if it really is your dream then dont ever give up and dont ever let anyone put you off as its your dream not theirs. I still remember a few of my so called friens and even family members at my leaving party back in the Uk 18 years ago. Some said ” your be back you would stay there long”

That was 18 years ago and a few are still working at the same old job in the same old house complaining about their lives.

Now some will still say i have rose coloured glasses on and do you know what? I love my rose coloured glasses because the alternative is pretty depressing.

I personally love watching others go through the struggles to get here as i know just how much they have worked for it and i love seeing them post their pics and videos of them enjoying life in sunny Spain because its not about boasting or bragging but we all do it to encourage and help others do the same. Some need that push and some need a bit of help.

I have made a mentor group here and have several pages, books podcast shows and websites that are all about providing info, tips and advice to others to follow their dreams. If it is your dream then you would of seen most of these and are looking out for all the info you can get because thats how dreams come true by taking action not just wishing.

What is your dream really? comment below and make it real.

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