Why You Have To Take A Risk

Its the risk takers in life that get to live their dreams.

Moving to Spain is a risk and it has its ups and downs. It is now even harder to Move To Spain with the virus and all the new restrictions and requirements, BUT and its a big BUT.

Moving to Spain has been the most amazing thing i have ever done and here’s why.

I met and married the woman of my dreams started 2 new businesses and have many great Spanish friends and have build my dream 4 bed house here and now have a better life than i could of though when i first thought about moving to Spain 19 years ago.

Has it been hard? Hell yes and at times stressful and a risk . I have taken several calculated risks here and to just get here was a risk. These risks i tried to balance with all the for and against arguments to minimalize the risks but still at times some were risky.

I have made mistakes along the way and learned some hard lessons from them that i now share to others so as they can maybe avoid these mistakes to make their risk taking less risky.

The more research you can do the better and finding and following others who have done what it is that you want to do is the key as these people will normally want to help and encourage others if they are living their dream life and you can learn so much from them.

The chart below shows what most peoples working life looks like . is this how yours is going to be?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You may not know how to get where you want to be or how to have the money to do all the things that you want but its important to take some risks in life to have a chance of getting what you want.

There is an old saying that goes like this.

“ready aim Fire” i prefer this one.. Fire aim focus. meaning… fire first, start that goal in motion then adjust it as its in motion on its way to that target and focus on that target until you hit it.

You may not know or be able to see how to achieve your dreams now but once you start taking actions then new possibilities and doors start to open for you that you once never thought existed.

There are new requirements for moving to Spain now that have put off many people as they feel its now impossible.

“If you think you can or you think you cant…You are right”

mostly people use money as a excuse for why they cant have or do something but we are all born with the same amount of money nothing. yes some have better starts in life but just look at the richest people in the world and you will see that most of them started with nothing and from hard poor families with little or no education.

What ever the reasons why you cant have what you want in life are its all in your head and you can do and have what you want if you really want it enough. You will find a way.

This post is not to make you go take crazy risks but to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone because once you do you will realize that it was not that comfortable.

Time is the most valuable thing in the world and we have so little of it really so if your not following your dreams then your just following the system that most follow blindly and your life will be very similar to theirs.

A dream is just a dream without action and even the smallest of actions get you on track.

Dont know even where to start?…. try our accountability page here how to follow your dreams

We also have a mentor group on our facebook page where you can get or give help to others with similar dreams. see here

So are you going to take a few more risks?

Did you move to Spain and took that risk?

Was it really a risk for you? let us know below.

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