Inspirational Saturday

Ok so I want to inspire my members here and to share a storey thats very related to moving to Spain.

At the very end of this post is info on a new upcoming feature to help inform members about Spain read right to the end.

I do know that things have changed and it is harder to move to Spain at the moment but dont ever give up on your dreams and keep filling your mind and life with as much info as possible thats related to what you want.

Heres why..

With all thats going on in the world at the moment it may well seem impossible to follow your dreams let alone be able to full fill them.

Several years ago i was starting to learn how to work online with very little knowledge of the internet and websites or online marketing. I needed to learn how to build websites online marketing and all that goes with it and there is a lot.

I tried many things and spent hundreds of euros on things that didnt work for me. Then one day i started following a guy online that was living the sort of life i wanted. He travelled a lot and was always posting videos of him in amazing places.

One day we chatted on the phone about my training then we got on the topic of travel and he was telling me about his last trip he had to Bora Bora in the south pacific. How he had stayed in an over water bungalow in Bora Bora that cost 900 dollars a night and was out of this world. It seemed so over the top to me but amazing.

I said “i would really love to do that” he said “well why dont you then”

I started to tell him it was the money, work commitments and he stopped me. he was angry and said “its all in your head” Excuses thats all. it hurt a bit but he was right. He said that i needed to get more training learn the skills i needed and take courses. the next big course was in Miami usa and it cost a lot to even get there from my home in Spain.

“Just do it” he said “find the money sell shit and get there and learn what you need”.

He sent me all the details and 2 weeks later i was in Miami on a weeks intensive training course learning completely new skills to market online.

I met up with him there in person and others who got me really fired up and when i got back to spain i worked online 10 hours a day seven days a week learning new skills.

I didnt get rich fast but i did start to make some reasonable income slowly and other things in my life changed and mostly because i was changed and looking for opportunities all the time.


5 Years later i was in that same over water bungalow in Bora Bora for 3 weeks traveling around the islands there with my spanish wife. it was really out of this world and a trip of a life time. It took 5 different long flights just to get there and the same back it really is in the middle of nowhere.

Now this is not to boast but to show you that anything is possible. Back then when i chatted to this guy i was set in my head that this was way out of my dreams but he told me to dream bigger and that if my dreams dont scare me then i needed bigger dreams.

Heres my amazing trip to Bora Bore i am no different than you this is not to boast but to show you nothing is impossible, if you follow others who have done what you want to do and do as they did..

Watch the videos and then tell me here what your dreams are as once you write them down they are real and start to come true..

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