Shes dead i think i killed her

I put her in the garden last summer but i think shes dead,

My lemon tree of course what did you think i was talking about….lol

I put in this tree and it had loads of green leaves and about 20 lemons on it. i followed what the guy at the garden center said but it just didnt like it here.

#Any ideas as i want to have a lemon tree in this spot near the back patio doors but its in the full sun most of the day. He said that shouldnt be a problem but i think i killed it.

Open to suggestions from you gardening expats out there. comment below please.

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  1. Hi David I don’t know if this will help but my friend bought a grapefruit tree about the size of your lemon tree and she put those white gravel around it like you have but the spanish farmer told her to take it off because it produces some kind of chemical reaction which is bad for the tree. She planted it last year it’s in full sun has lost a few leaves but still looks healthy. Hope this helps.


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