Best Car insurance in Spain

Today i just did it again, 28th October 2021

Listen life to how i got another 39 euros off my premiums yet again and learn how you can all for free.

So today i just renewed my insurance for one of my cars and they reduced it yet again thats every year now it goes down, its on the old car i use as a run about but still a great deal.

Read below what happens when you claim…

Heres an update on what happened last night…16th oct.

I have 3 cars and one, an old Nissan thats almost 25 years old that i sometimes use for running about and picking up materials in here, well last night it broke down on the way home right in the middle of the main road at a very busy spot. So i called our insurance company direct line here and they sent a tow truck and a taxi. now with the virus the tow truck cant carry passengers thats new here so they sent a taxi to take us to the garage with the tow truck, then once we dropped off the car there the taxi took us and all our shopping home that was about 10k from where we were. The tow truck and the taxi was all free. and both came very fast. This is a great service that i have use a few times. The taxi is a new thing here but great that its included. Not sure why we cant go in the tow truck with masks but the taxi we can but anyway it was fast easy and very helpful.

When your in a bit of trouble like this and its getting dark in a spot thats not nice to break down in then its great that you have a great fast service and they speak English for those who need it. Personally i have used this service a few times now over my 17 years here and always very good and heres another reason why i recommend them…

They give you cash back…

For over 14 years i have been with Linea Directa , thats Direct Line here and they are amazing.

I Have 3 cars and a motor bike and had to call them out several times and they are always fast and helpful and dont charge anything. i have claimed as well and even so each year my premiums go down.

“They speak English”

They have told me that if anyone needs a quote call them on the number below mention my name and code and both You and I will get 30 euros cash back. That will buy you some tapas.

Also once a customer if you recommend anyone you can do the same and earn upto 60 euros back. I choose to share my 60 so you get 30 and i get 30.

This offer is especially for my Ecxpats group so take advantage of it they could save you some money.

To get the discount call this number say David Wright sent you and mention the code number.

0034 648289894 and the code David Wright 37074088.

You can also call 902 325 325 but quote my name and the code to get your discount.

If you want them to call you them pm me on facebook and i will get them to call you.

its worth a try you really wont get a better quote..

Thats a great deal on car insurance and money for tapas…

Remember once you are with them you can do the same and get money back each time you refer a person.

Davids top tip.

Each year i call them and say i think i can get cheaper else where and every time they reduce my payments. Yes there may be cheaper out there for sure but i have had to call them out several times for breakdown and 3 flat batteries and every time they come out fast and never charge. this is peace of mind and remember they speak English so thats really help full for many here.


    1. If you get insurance with them we both get 30 euro as off. I have been with several companies over the years here and they pay out fast and have never charged me for call outs for breakdowns. Also each year tell them you are thinking of changing because you have had a better quote and they always reduce your payments.👍


      1. I Agree. Last year mine was the same as the previous year. 475 euros. I telephoned others and Abbeygate who quoted 390. I accepted thaat and phoned Linea Directa to cancel the current policy. A young lady called me in the morning and was quite persistent they could do better. I doubted that and said so. She was very insistent and ultimately I had to give her an Emphaitc No. Same afternoon a young guy with an American accent came on and at once I said NO. He said he could better Abbeygate .. Again I said I doubt it. Give me a minute he said. Then how dies 240 euros sound? I said What???!!! He repeated it. I said you are joking …that is almost half. That`s correct he said. I asked how he could possibly offer that from the first quote and he said they have many brokers they can look into and get the best deal. I took it although I had already confirmed with Abbeygate who were very good at me cancelling and got a big suprise this year as it is exactly the case.

        As you say for breakdown cover they are excellent and I have had three claims, none my fault, two contested and we won them both.And they contact you frequently with the progress.

        So if you are reading this go for Linea Directa , you won,t regret it.

        And I am NOT an employee…just a very satisfied customer


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