When is the right time to buy in Spain

There are people saying that there is a property crash coming or another crisis or with Brexit and the virus property in Spain will crash big time.

So when is the right time to Buy in Spain.

NOW”. Why do i say this? read on…

I have bought and sold several properties in Spain from apartments, houses, new and second hand and land. I have bought and sold in the crisis of 2008.

Yes i lost money and i also made money.

This last month i have done a bit of travelling around Almeria area and seen a lot of new construction both houses and apartments and these where planned to go up before the virus hit. There may be less people looking at the moment and prices are lower but I feel the time to buy is now and here is why…

If you are thinking of moving to Spain and want to buy then why wait. Time is more important than money, you can never get the time back. If you want to live in Spain then you could wait a few more years but then there may be more reasons why you should not buy here., maybe you wont have good health and be able to move here all because you waited.

Prices are low here now so if you buy and in 3 years that property is worth less, so what you are enjoying your life here. In the long run crisis or not property has always bounced back after several years and always will do.

You could rent first and this is a great idea to get to know that area better and i would recommend doing this but only for 3 to 6 months. Then if you really like the area and see a place you love then buy it make it your home and forget about what the value is just enjoy your life while others are trying to play the property market.

There is land for sale thats the same size as what i bought 2 years ago and it is now 50k more than i paid for mine. Its really all about area.

If you are wanting to buy in Spain and live here long term then just do plenty of research and if its for your long term home then the crisis or not its going to be your home so buy it and enjoy your time.

Nobody really knows whats in the future so dont play the waiting game play the living game its way more fun.

This is just my personal view after living and working here 17 years. We all have to take responsibility for where we are and what we have right now but if you are not happy with where you are or what you have then change it. you can if you really want to.

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