How safe is Spain

Is Spain a safe place for your family to live?

Spain Is Now the Safest EU Destination November 2021

This year is the 19th year i have lived and worked in Spain and i have travelled a lot all over Spain in this time and still do so i think i can give you some idea of what living here is really like as far as safety goes.

When i was growing up in my home town of Brighton many years ago i would be out playing in the streets and fields with friends till last light most days and never had any trouble or problems with being safe.

This is not the case now though and many places in the uk are not safe for young people after dark or even playing out at parks with friends as they could years ago. So how safe is Spain?

Well obviosly there are places that are better than others but in general kids still play out on their own all day and into the night and are a lot safer than in the UK.

Knife attacks on kids in the UK has gone up 93% in just the last 5 years. see here

Spain’s crime rate is among the lowest in Europe: according to figures released by the Spanish Interior Ministry in 2006, Spain has an incidence of nearly 50 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants, the lowest in the EU apart from Portugal. In the UK, figures are 105 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants.

There is crime here thats for sure as there is everywhere but here in Spain you and your family really are safer as the figure show.

Spanish kids are out doors much more than the uk kids as well due to the better weather so these low figures are even better.

In the 17 years i have lived here i have seen 3 people drunk in the streets really just 3 and 2 of thse where brits on holiday. with alcohol being available almost every where at any time of the day or night there is less drunks around as they know they dont have to drink so fast because of closing times.

Ok in some of the tourist islands theres problems with dunk teens on holiday but this is because they are encouraged to drink more so as the bars earn more and this is not typical of Spain in general.

Ask any brit families who are living in Spain and they will tell you that their kids are out side playing or with friends most days compared to British kids who are sitting in their bedrooms playing pc games or watching tv all day.

Personally i know British friends here who have kids and their kids are out away from home all day with friends and the families are as worried as they would be if they lived in the uk.

Do you feel safer in Spain than the uk or Spain

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