Admin NEW Comp and prize

OK guys heres the Prize..


The admin who accepts the most new member request until 1st sept . thats it.

Remember you must always send out the welcome message to each member you accept.

Below is the latest welcome message you can copy and past.


Hi    and welcome to our group “British Expats In Spain”

Please engage in a few of other members posts with some likes or comments before you post any of your own links. Buisiness posts ONLY on the “Business Friday” Slot please.

 Our “INFO PAGE”  has most of the answers to your questions.

Its at the top of the group.

Just click on the header photo where it says ” click here for info”.

Heres the links to Davids NEW Books on Amazon all about moving to spain and finding work in Spain

its a FREE download if you have a kindle.

Also we have a youtube channel full of great videos on spain and you can see Davids BBC News interview.. here

Regards  Admin team.


Good luck.

PS. remember dont go mad as facebook will put a hold on your account if you accept to many in the day.

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