How To Get Free Upgrades On Travel

Get Free Upgrades On Travel

If you like to Travel then in this blog post i will show you what i do to help me get free upgrades on hotel rooms when i travel and other free gifts.

This doesn’t work all the time and takes some effort but the rewards can be very nice.

First off i am not a free loader and hate people at airports who ask for free upgrades, its just not the right way to do it and makes you look needy.

There is another way that i find works and is a better way to get people to help you enjoy your travel and stay in hotels.

So start writing reviews for trip advisor and booking .com to start with.

If you stay anywhere or go to any attraction there is normally a review about that place on TripAdvisor or booking com so put in your reviews as well.


Well they dont often give you anything for doing this but sometimes they do and there are benefits.

With TripAdvisor you can open a free account and start writing reviews on places and hotels that you have experienced and go through different levels.

People read these reviews and can rate them and increase your standing.

So this is how i have used TripAdvisor to get upgrades.

Example 1.

A few years ago my wife and I had a big trip that we had been planning for a while to Tahiti and Bora Bora.

We had booked to stay 3 nights in a 4 star hotel along the way on the island of morea tahiti and we had booked a bungalow with a pool. When we got there they told us that we had booked a room without a pool. a mistake that we had make when booking.

We asked if we could get the bungalow with the pool and they said that they were all booked. There was a over water bungalow suit for 250 dollars a night extra if i wanted to upgrade. I declined polity.

I returned to our room a little disappointed as this was a trip of a life time and we really wanted that bungalow.

It was my mistake so no good making a fuss about it.

I had a little think and then went to reception and talked to the girl again.

I told her that we had made the mistake and that i write reviews for TripAdvisor and wanted to do a report and review on the bungalow. I showed her my TripAdvisor card and I asked her if there was any way that we i could at some point in our 3 day stay there have a look in one of these bungalows and take a short video and some pics for my review.

She said that she would have to speak to her boss and let me know.

I went back to our bungalow and within 5 mins the phone ran and the girl at reception told me that they had found a vacant bungalow that we could stay in for just one night without paying extra. Great i asked and after that would we go back into our basic bungalow i asked her. No we will put you in the over water bungalow for one night and then the suit for the last night. I asked her at what cost. she replied no extra charge.

I guess they wanted a great review of the hotel and the suits. And they got it , i did some great videos and a great review of the hotel and staff.

My card below click on it to read all my reviews/

Get Free Upgrades On Travel

Its all about how to ask or how you come over to them. if they think that they will benefit then they will try and help you most times.

Thanks Hotel Manava

Get Free Upgrades On Travel

Example 2.

On a flight home from Tahiti we had one of our suit cases damaged, they had broken the lock and it was a good case that we had used for years and expensive. I asked at the airline desk for a claim form and filled it in .

When we returned home i had an email from the airline saying that they did not have responsibility for damage and would not pay for repairs.

I had the case repaired at a cost of 65 Euros for the new lock and i sent a new email to the airline with the receipt. I stated that we had spent a lot of money with their airline on 4 flights with them and that i was going to write a review for TripAdvisor about our experience with them and it would be a shame that i had to report about the bad experience with the case after we had had such a good flight.

2 days later i got a new email from the airline stating that they had no responsibility for the damage but in this case would like to pay for the repairs and inclosed was a cheque for 65 euros.

I guess thats cheap advertising for them. They get to have a great review posted for 65 euros.

Thanks Air Tahiti/

Get Free Upgrades On Travel

Example 3.

On another occasion in Sevilla i booked a basic room and sent a message in advanced that i write for TripAdvisor and asked if on my stay i could have just 2 mins to take some photos of a suit for my review of there hotel. When we got there we had been upgraded to the suit.

Now this has only happen on 2 room occasions but it was amazing both times.

Example 4.

Just today i received an email from booking com with a gift of a Q code. you know that funny looking square thing that you hold up against to read the codes. see below.


It was a free pass to show at 27 different attractions in Sevilla on my next trip that would get me and a guest in for free. It was valid for the duration of my stay that i had booked through them.

Some of the attractions were over 30 Euros entrance fee so very nice thanks.

You scratch my back and i will scratch yours.

Just this week in my home town of Almeria i had attended an event and did not fancy the drive home and wanted to have a few more drinks with friends so on my mobile app booked a last min deal at a very nice hotel here. in the app it has a box to ad any requirements that you may need or room changes. i always write in this box ” do you have discounts for Tripadvisor writers” The hotels read these as alerts but never respond as they dont give discounts but they have upgraded me several times. When we checked in to this hotel last night they said at reception that they had given us a premium room upgrade. Thanks very much.

Below our room view.



Its all about resaprosity the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

Another example.

In a coffee bar here they have a sign saying that if you upload a photo and like their facebook page you get a free ice cream.

I did take 2 pics and upload them and liked their page, this helps their marketing and SEO and they gave me a small but free icecream..

If you are going to travel then it only takes a few mins to write a review that can help others and you may benefit from it at the same time.

if you are going to travel why not get the freebies..

Get 15.00 Euros off your next trip with this code.

On your Next Trip Try THIS

Use Booking com and the link below and we both get money back…

After your stay, you get € 15 on your credit card. And i get € 15 back too!

Just click on it and see where you could go.

Have you ever been upgraded?

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