How To Learn Spanish Fast

Learn Spanish Fast

If you have moved to Spain or are thinking of moving to Spain then you will need to Learn Spanish Fast if you want to enjoy the best of Spain and not struggle with daily tasks or have to pay others to help you get by but whats the best and fastest way to learn Spanish?.

When it comes to learning a new language we Brits are slow off the mark and not really bothered as most of the world now speaks English. I remember in school i had 2 hours of French a week and thats just not enough and i left school not speaking a word of French.

Here in Spain the kids have many hours a week of English and most kids here leave school speaking at least 2 or 3 languages.

Learn Spanish Fast

So whats the best and fastest way for you?..Heres a few things that can help.

We all learn at different speeds and in different ways and as we get older it gets harder but after living here in Spain for 16 years now i think my Spanish is pretty good and being married to a Spanish girl has helped me a lot as we speak Spanish all the time, so i will tell you what helped me when i first started and can help you.

The first 2 years i was here i didn’t speak Spanish as i worked for a small British company so didn’t really need to but then i went self employed and that was a big shock, as i had to speak Spanish or could not even order anything in the shops.

I started to have lessons 3 times a week and the first week i knew that lessons in a class were not for me. I sat in a class and started to write out the verbs and sentences but this was slow and i needed to speak Spanish that week. My teacher told me it would take a few years to learn and i told him that i needed to order materials next week. He looked at me like i was crazy. you cant learn in a week he said.

I had an idea…

I arranged for private one on one classes twice a week and we did roll play… he would be the shop keeper and i would come in and ask for what i wanted and he would teach me just the words and sentences that i needed to order the things that i wanted.

One day he would be the shop keeper of a builders yard where i needed to order materials like wood and screws, the next he would be the shop keeper of the glass shop or the tile place. This way i built up a vocabulary of useful words and sentences that i could use straight away and build on. We also did the supermarket for food.

I found that as i used the words and sentences in real situations with real people i got used to the responses and the way things got said so could improve faster.

I also practised this with a friend at home.

Classes are ok for some but personally i think private one on one lessons will be best as you learn at your speed not the speed of a class. its more expensive but its all for you.


There is so many hours in a day that we are doing things like driving shopping walking the dog where we could be listening to tapes and recordings of Spanish and this way it sinks in.

I downloaded loads of apps to my mobile phone and had them on all the time  and sentences and words start to stick in your brain. Some get boring after a while so i downloaded loads and mixed them up a bit.

Most are free and some of the better ones are just a few pounds so way cheaper than lessons and you can play them any time even waiting in the dentists office.

Heres a few i used, theres many similar that you can check out that may suit you better.

Duolingo,   Babbel,   voxy,   rosetta stone,   lin go,   Easy ten.


There are loads and the free ones are pretty good to get you started.

Practice What You Learn.

Learn Spanish if moving to Spain

You need to use what you are learning as often as possible or it wont stick, for this i just started chatting to everyone i met. like if i was in a bar i would say hi and say that i was learning Spanish and just start chatting, at first i would get stuck all the time and not understand much and felt a bit of a fool but the Spanish really like that you try and helped me a lot without making me feel an idiot.

I also joined a Spanish walking club where there was no other English just me. it was fun and i got to practice my basic Spanish.Then i joined a climbing club and went out on trips with them and again had fun and “Climbed the highest mountain in Spain”  and learned some new words…. and many Spanish swear words too…lol

The TV.

Have Spanish tv or radio on as much as you can, i put the subtitles on in English and watch many films in Spanish or even the local news helps as there are many words that get used over and over that you start to pick up.

There really is no supper fast way to learn as it all depends on how much effort you put into learning but if you learn a few new words and phrases a day you will be surprised at how fast you pick it up.

Hope this has helped please leave a quick like or comment below thanks and….

comienza a aprender algunas palabras nuevas hoy.











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