Sharks In Spanish Waters

There are big sharks in most seas even in Spain so just be aware this summer.

Last week a Large Blue Shark was spotted at Costa del Sol beaches as locals and tourists flee from water

It was first seen May 13th Torreblanca beach before new sightings nearer Malaga off Los Boliches beach of a beast which is thought to be the same one.

Footage taken by stunned onlookers showed the fish – thought to be a blue shark – moving through the water.

Bathers were asked to leave the water while local police and Civil Guard searched for it.

The Blue Shark

1200px-Prionace_glauca_1The aerodynamic shape and lightness of the blue shark body allow it to move “elegantly” across the oceans. The upper part is an indigo blue tone while the ventral and the sides are white.

It has a long caudal  fin. The second dorsal fin measures almost half the size of the first and its pectoral fins are unusually long compared to other sharks. Its eyes are large, its teeth are triangular, and it has a conical snout.

It reaches a length ranging from 3.8 to 4 meters and weighs about 240 kilograms.

Last year bathers fled the sea in Cala Major near the Majorcan capital Palma.


Extraordinary pictures showed terrified holidaymakers running out of the water on June 24 as a blue shark described at the time as eight foot long – and known as a tintorera in Spanish – headed towards families with children on lilos.

See videos below.

A few years ago my wife and i swam with big sharks in Bora Bora see below.

David Swims With Sharks..



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