Who’s the best supplier of internet and telephone in Spain

Who’s the best supplier of internet and telephone in Spain

In Spain Movistar is the national supplier of landline telephone service, cellular/mobile telephone service, Internet and ADSL.

Long-distance and Internet service may be obtained through other providers, but the basic landline will still be provided through Movistar. The company is an ex-state service and still retains more than 80% of the market share. Many people continue to use Movistar by habit, even if the rates are sometimes more expensive than other competitors.

Theres loads to choose from but the cheapest is not always the best….

Who's the best supplier of internet and telephone in Spain

Installing a phone line

Installing a phone line can only be done via Movistar as they are the only company authorised in Spain to install a telephone line. Even if you want to subscribe with another operator, Movistar will send a technician to connect the line.

The Movistar website has a search feature that allows potential customers to check if desired services are available in their area, though the website is in Spanish. If you live in a new development or a rural area there may be lengthy delays (up to several months) for installation.

Before moving into an apartment or house, verify if there is a line (the presence of phone jacks does not mean a line is installed).

Davids top tip…Where a phone line is functioning and “live” it is possible (and less expensive) to transfer the account from the name of the previous occupant to the new one.

Requests for transfers may be done online at the Movistar website and can be submitted up to two months in advance of the changeover. Customers moving within the same Movistar tariff zone may be able to keep their previous Movistar phone number.

Line installation is free until the end of the year if joining with a 6-month contact, starting from EUR 13.90 per month. If you decide to go with one of Movistar’s competitors you will have to pay EUR 83.53.

To ask your ‘alta de telefonia’ you can either call Movistar at 1004, subscribe online on their website movistar.com/es or go to one of their shops near you.

After 15 years here in Spain i have tried many different phone providers and companies but have gone back to Moviestar as they have the best service overall here in Spain at the moment. Many companies will call you and tell you that they can offer better deals to change to them and better internet or cheaper bills…i have done this a few times but i have found that many start off low but the prices are not the same in the end.

Working in Spain i need a cheap mobile bile and good coverage even in the hills and Moviestar are the best at the moment.

Now i have  high speed fibre optic internet and land line plus 2 mobiles including an Iphone 7, a tv film package all for 68 euros a month. We are moving soon and they will not charge to reconnect us at the new house and keep the same numbers…its free.

Sometimes the cheapest is not the best.

Who are you with?


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