Luko, Home insurance

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Crystal clear guarantees with no asterisks, claim management twice faster than usual.


Customizable contracts, in a few clicks, to pay only for what you need.


Always by your side when you need it: available 7d/7 (even on Sunday), answers in 2 minutes.

The traditional insurance model is built on conflict of interest.
The less they compensate your claim, the more they make money.
We don’t like that very much so we preferred a more transparent model.

You want to know where you money goes?

  • 30% of your premium is dedicated to Luko’s management costs: customer service, claims management, innovation, etc.
  • 70% is pooled with our other members’ premiums. If you ever file a claim, that pool will be used to compensate you.
  • If there’s money left at the end of the year,
    it’s donated to the charity of your choice. It won’t increase our profits.

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