pointing you in the right direction .

If you have been a member here a few months and follow my posts you will know that i always try to be positive about moving to Spain and always encourage and help others to follow their dreams.

This is the point of this group and although there are a few things here i dont like about Spain i tend to concentrate on the positive things here rather than dwelling on the negative which normally attracts negativity.

We all have very different opinions and post them in the group and this can sometimes help others in the group made better decisions when moving here.

With almost 6,000 members now i realise that i will always get a few that dont like me or my comments and thats ok as this is a discussion group for different points of view.

As i have lived and worked here over 17 years now i like to tell it as it is and through my personal experiences here and i may at times sound a little harsh. I have also been accused of lack of empathy but its sometimes difficult to bite my tongue when replying to childish stupid comments.

Guys moving to Spain is a big deal and is a major change to your life, so straight to the point info and facts are i feel more helpful and productive then being mollycoddling, there are other facebook groups if you need that sort of support.

Spain is an amazing place to live and work and i want to help others who have a dream of moving here fulfil that dream as fast and stress free as possible. Years ago when i moved here there was almost no support and groups like this to share info so i had to put on my big boy pants and do it myself..

If you are put off by the problems and hurdles you will come across when moving to Spain then STOP now and just go back to dreaming about a life in Spain , it may not be for you as you will come across these problems for sure and several hurdles but if you are the sort of person who looks for solutions rather than whining about the problems then you will do well here in Spain.

Lots of people wish and dream they could live in Spain and for most this will just remain a dream as these people dont really want to step out of their comfort zone. Its just too hard… well guys i can tell you now that life is hard and “if you want what others have got you have to do what others do”

Life is short and we must make the most of our time. Personally moving to Spain was the best thing i ever did and just wish that i had done it years before i did. If you want to move to Spain then i truly want to help and will encourage you and i will put you on the right path to gather all the info you need to make your dream come true……. BUT you are the only one who will make this dream work and You are the only one who has to make the effort to get it started.

If you take action and follow our tips here you will in time get the dream life you want. If you never give up and look for solutions your dream must come true.

Many members here have done and been through what you are thinking of doing so listen to them and follow their tips, learn from them to help make your transition as stress free as possible.

Is it really still your dream and what are you doing about it?

Have you read our FREE info page yet see here..http://davidwrightonline.com/movingtospain.html

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