Actions Make Dreams come true Not luck

How to Make Dreams come true

Yet again this week someone told me that i was so lucky to be living in Spain and enjoying my life here.

Every day I am great-full for what I have here and the way i can enjoy my life here now BUT it has NOTHING to do with LUCK.

How to make a dream come true…

First read this…

Thoughts become feelings …feelings become actions …and actions get results.

Anything is possible for anybody but the reason most peoples dreams dont come true is because they dont think that they can or they dont take actions to fulfill their dreams.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your dream is if you dont take action it will just stay a dream.

Even when you have no idea of how it is possible, doors will start to open up for you and show you new paths to take to accomplish these dreams once you start taking action.

So what is action?

Just start by writing it down on paper. Once you write down on paper your dream it is real, it is there on paper and you can touch it, it exists. Start researching for information and people who are doing what you want to do and do as they did . 

To get what others have you need to do what others do.

To get what most have not got you need to do what most wont do.

It may take time but time will pass anyway and it may be hard but if it was easy then everyone would be living their dream life now.

You really can have your dream life if you take action and even the smallest thing you do will start the ball rolling and open up new ways and opportunities that you never thought of.

There are thousands of Brits that have moved to Spain and now living a better life and all these people have had problems to get over. Its not been LUCK thats helped them its been their hard work and effort to find solutions to these problems that has allowed them to be here now.

All of us living here in Spain have been through similar things and very similar problems but All have overcome these to be here now.

If we all did it then why cant anyone.

All the reasons why you think you cant move here are reasons you have come up with and there is always a solution if you look hard enough.

Its not luck its hard work effort and attitude.

Life is short so why not make it amazing and follow your dreams.

Whats your dream and what are you doing about it?

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