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Almería is a city in southeast Spain.

British expats in Spain map

The Alcazaba is an imposing Moorish fortress overlooking the city. The fortified, 16th-century Almería Cathedral has a Gothic ribbed ceiling. The Museum of Almería displays archaeological finds from across the region. Underground lies a network of tunnels, the Civil War Shelters of Almería. The English Cable is a huge iron pier and symbol of the city’s former mining industry.

Aguadulce is just 15 mins from Almeria Town center and still really an unknown gem if you are looking to move to Spain.

Below this weekend I attended a fiesta in el ejido Almeria, see video below..



Below me and a few friends just before lunch

Want To Learn Spanish FAST?


With the driest climate in Spain Almeria is  popular with British expats who are looking for a family resort with amazing weather and stunning beaches.

Almeria has a small international airport with daily flights to the Uk.

Just 2 hours up the coast from Malaga and about 1.5 hours down the coast from Murcia, well worth checking this place out.

below is the port in Aguadulce. I lived here for 8 years lovely place.


One of the main beaches here with Aguadulce in the distance. And a few of my local beach area photos.

Blogging In Spain For A Living 800


Above is Fiñana just 30 mins up the road from Almeria.


Below Almeria town market.

My view over breakfast at the beach bar.


Come join our facebook group and see just what its like in this part of Spain.

Almeria where the new Terminator has been filmed on the beach…

Did you know ?…..

The Tabernas Desert – film location for Once Upon a Time in the West, Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia and Exodus – film successes made in Andalusia
  • Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
  • A Fistful of Dollars (1965)
  • Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)
  • Trinity Is Still My Name (1971)
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
  • 9147.jpg

See The top attractions in Almeria HERE

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Buying property in Almeria.

There are a few great places in Almeria that i have lived in over the last 16 years that i recommend looking at and here are some estate agents i know and have used in the past.

Roquetas de mar



Almeria city


Good estate agents…


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  1. Hi David . I sent you a post on messenger but not sure you got it. ? Copied it below; thsnks Just asking about specific areas you like in Almeria? hi David, we are thinking of making the big move soon to spain in the next year or 2 You seem so knowledgable about spain. We are thinking of the Almaria area. Where do you think are nice places to live? . It is just my partner and I and our cat. We want to live in a pretty, quiet area not too far from the sea and local amenities, A maximum of 10 minutes by car would be great). I speak reasonable spanish and am continuing with lessons here in England. I will need to work part time but hopefully will buy a modest property out right. I know that everyone is different and it depends on the person, but it would be great if we could get your views since you have lived in Almaria for sometime. thank you kindly. We will buy you a pint when we come to Span, Lol 🙂


    1. Thanks for that Carole. i did a post on Almeria you may find interesting here..

      As you may know i have been in Spain for 16 years now and travelled around Spain a lot. Almeria is where i have lived for most of my time here in Spain and i love it here.
      First the weather really is better in Almeria as it is the driest climate in Spain and the beaches are amazing. Plus the Tapas are Free in Almeria. I now live in Aguadulce just outside of Almeria city. Aguadulce is a little quieter than Almeria and Roquetas de mar just up the road. its still just 15 mins drive to all the touristy parts if you want all that but Aguadulce is more Spanish residents, there are very nice beaches here in Aguadulce schools and just about everything you need without being too busy or having too many tourists. If you need to find work then Roquetas de mar or Almeria has more oppertunities but there is still work to be had in Aguadulce but its more Spanish here. if you are in the area contact me i will be happy to show you around or live chat me on facebook any time.


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