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After working Online for several years I now show others what I now do that earns me an Online income and things i use to generate an online income. I will show proof and screen shots of a few of my earnings cheques on the training page like these below….at the moment its 2022 and i am now earning online every day some days more than others but it is every day.

Heres another…1325. in one month from just 1 product.

On my proof page i show more of my earnings and what i promote. also in my book i lay it all out and all the training is FREE for life.


More proof on the training page showing i am still earning real money with these methods and new products i am now promoting.

I earn online income every day now from several different things that i have learned to promote and in the training i show what i use now and how to promote things to build online income every day.

These are things that work for me now and can work fro anyone.

below some of my Amazon books i sell.

Little and often soon adds up.

Over the years i have earned several thousand dollars not millions yet but its growing slowly and i like to spend my income on travel.

Some of the things i spend my earnings on. 2 trips to Scotland staying in a private castle, a new pickup truck. 3 months trip to Mexico staying in top hotels. Taking 6 of my Spanish friends to London and treating them all the way with limos and hotels. Many holidays around the world with photos on my travel page here


I had a 3 week holiday to Bora Bora and Tahiti in the south Pacific, staying in a private over water bungalow that cost me $900. a night. The cost of the 3 weeks was $18,000 including 10 flights. All paid for with my online earnings.

This is not to boast but to show this works for me and can for anyone who puts in the effort.

Personally i think if you see what people spend their money on then you get an idea of how much they are making. check out what i spend my earnings on below..

See the holiday videos here 


Below my 20,000 Dollar holiday.

Also i have just bought a plot of land here in Spain and building my own 4 bed house estimated value 900,000.

see here..

There are many things out there that dont work and are scams or do work but cost loads of money to even get started with and over the years I have tried many of them. I have paid a lot of money to travel to Miami to learn from top internet marketers and i now share this info and show what i now use to generate my online income.

On my FREE Training page  i will show in detail what works for me and what can work for anyone.

On the training page you will find several different ways to generate online income, all are what i have personally used and that works.

How to get access to my FREE training.

I never charge for the training or ask for money EVER But I now only offer this training to those who have bought my book Finding work in Spain.

So what will you get if you buy my book and access the training?

On the training site i show what i use now that is earning me money online and how anyone can do it. there are training videos showing what to do . there are different things i promote to give you ideas and see what you may like to use.

I have many different things i promote not just one thing and this is the key to generating an online income every day. even the little earnings soon ad up. Now as of today 26th july 2022 i am earning online income every day, some days its not much but it is every day now. if i can learn this you can to and you may start earning even faster than i did.

Marketing online can be great and you can earn loads but most dont and thats because they dont really have the right training or know what to do. my training shows what i use and gives you ideas to find what you may like to do and even create your own products.


There is a link and a password at the end of the book to get you access.

Get the book and access to the Training Videos below..

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