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Work in Spain, how and where

Updated May 2023

This page is where you will find all links and info on how and where to find work in Spain and jobs in Spain.

work in Spain


This year is My 20th year of living and working in Spain and in that time i have worked for many companies here both Spanish and English as well as running 3 of my own small businesses and being employed and employing others here.

I will tell you what i did how and where and where the Spanish look for work in Spain with links to sites and job opportunities. I have even written books on the subject see here.

What jobs are available here and what you can do to get a head of the rest when going after these jobs.

What jobs are available in Spain.

The same jobs that are available in most other European countries but as its Spain the tourist industry is the biggest employer here. Anything related to tourism are always looking for workers with the right skills.

Some popular jobs for British people when moving to Spain.

Finding work in Spain podcast

Bar work, Always popular with Brits here but low wages and unsociable hours plus lots of competition from others who are low skilled. Can be great to fit in with the hours you like though.

Labouring work , jobbing.

Many small businesses here are looking for a handy man or labourer to fill a gap or just help out. Again not much experience needed here in most cases and rather low pay but can lead to better jobs and more money in time.

Part time work.

Here in Spain its very difficult to get full time contract work as companies now have to pay lots of extra expenses for full time employees so they normally only take on workers for 2 or 3 months at a time. Most of the bigger companies here have a very high turnover of workers because of this 3 month rule.

Skilled trades

If you have a skill like a Carpenter, electrician, plumber or brick layer. Then there is always work here for these trades and in high demand at the moment.

The building industry in Spain has a shortage of skilled workers and these are now among the highest paid workers here with some charging well over 200 a day just for labour.

Office workers and tec.

There is also need to have more people in these areas of workers and again wages are based on your skill level and experience. Language skills also very important here. ie, good Spanish a must.

Papers needed to work in Spain

You will need to meet the requirements to even start looking for work in Spain and have the necessary papers and or visas to work here legally. work visa or self employed NLV and or a few others see here Visas for spain.

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Wages in Spain.

People always say wages are low in Spain and yes maybe compared to some countries they are But maybe you don’t need as much here in Spain as the cost of living here is better.

The average wage here is around 1500 euros a month and average office worker for a large company around 1800 a month.

A skilled trades worker can take home around 2,500 or 4,000 a month, some cases more. especially if self employed.

As a carpenter here 20 years ago i was earning 350 e a week and about 3 years ago as a self employed carpenter here i was earning around 800 a week. there are expenses of course. But not bad money when the cost of living here is so cheap.

Where to Find work in Spain

So how can you find these jobs and where do you start looking.

Below are some links to sites the Spanish use.

Here are some websites where Spanish people can look for job opportunities in Spain:

  1. InfoJobs –
  2. Indeed –
  3. Monster –
  4. Jobatus –
  5. LinkedIn –
  6. –
  7. Jooble –
  8. Tecnoempleo –
  9. Primerempleo –
  10. Turijobs –

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