The Living in Spain Series

Coast 2 coast Magazine have asked me to supply extracts from my 2 books out on Amazon and Kindle. Each month these will be featured in the Coast2coast magazine .

I will pick out the best bits from my books Living in Spain and Finding Work in Spain so as people can gain some valuable tips and advice from someone who has lived and worked in Spain for over18 years.

Next issue out on 17th but you can see it first here on page 48 “Click Here”

David on the Radio

Total Star Radio station are partnered with the magazine and had David on the show as a guest. you can listen to Davids interview there, just click below.

Page 48 very interesting…Its my latest article..

Below David interviews Michelle Miles the editor of Coast2coast magazine. She has some great tips..

May article read it here before it goes to print.

Each month I write new articles for coast2coast magazine and you can access them here.

What you need to know Before Buying property in Spain

Heres my AUGUST article that has some valuable tips see below..

direct link here

Here’s a Top tip most don’t know

In my 18 years here I have bought and sold several properties and land and there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself from making a big mistake and making sure the property is what it says it is.

Ok so most people think about a survey but not all surveys here in Spain are that thorough and a good one can cost you several thousand if done correctly but there is a better idea that is free and I feel more valuable.

So every property and land for sale in Spain has a registered plot number that you can ask for from the seller or get from the estate agent or from the property documents.

With this number you go to your local planning registry office. Just ask at your town hall if you’re not sure where it is.

Ask to see the planning registry officer and if you don’t speak Spanish then take someone with you who does.

The planning registry officer has a big old book with drawings and details of the properties and exactly where they are and where they are situated in the street including areas boundaries and what they have got permissions for.

On a property that I was interested in a few years ago I did just this and found out from the registry officer that the property had a garage and a back garden wall that was not on his drawings. When I asked the estate agent about this he told me that it would be no problem we just add it at the notary.

This is NOT the case and if the property has any building works that are not listed in the registry then it’s possible that you could be open to a big fine or have to take it down.

On another occasion at the registry officer’s desk I asked about a plot of land that I was interested in buying and told him that there was a corner of the land that was marked off with a fence at a funny angle. He looked it up and told me that that was included in the property but that the local council had the rights to come dig up that corner when every they wanted as they had a water pipe running across that corner. A possible future problem I didn’t want so passed on that one.

This is why it’s a great idea to go to the planning registry office and just ask them. They are very helpful and you can find out a lot about any potential property you may be interested in buying all for FREE.

I have more great tips in my books out on Amazon and Kindle and on my podcast show, just search “living in Spain with David Wright”

Both my new books here on Amazon and kindle.

Remember our new Podcast Show here

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