Income Proof Page

Personally i dont think it right to show what i personally am earning but i know thats what most want to see. If you follow me on my sites you will see that i travel a lot and live well and so can see how i spend my money.

As of this post i am earning every day online from something that i promote. Some days its not much but some days its a few hundred.

I also have a radio show now and the sponsors pay me each month.

On my facebook groups i promoite health insurance and that earns me around 200 a month in comissions now.

its all the little monthly payments that makes it worth it.

. Thats why you need to promote many different things and have income from all sorts of sources. My training videos will show you how.

At the moment my biggest earners are Amazon commissions, my adverts that companies pay me to place ads on my sites and through my 4 amazon books and from my affiliate links to amazon products.

As of this year i have started promoting some health insurance and that pays me around 200 euros a month some times less some times more. a few months back i earned 325 for just one referral. then i get monthly commissions from that in year 2.

If you scroll down to the bottom of page i prefer to show what i spend my money on like my 3 weeks holiday in Bora Bora in the south Pacific staying in 900 dollar a night suits. And travelling around the world in 4 star accommodation and limo pickups from hotels. this is not to brag but to show i am enjoying my earnings. Then at the end see the plot of land i bought in Spain and am building my 4 bed house valued at just under 1 million. these are every day payments some small but its every day now. and anyone can do it.

Big promotions and expensive products earn great commissions but the smaller things are easier to promote and the regular small commissions soon add up.

I now have a podcast that brings me in daily income small but i am building it and its every day now.

Below a few payments i get every month.

This first one is a health company i promote and its over 300 i made in one day as i was asleep in bed. nice to wake up to these payments.

Heres a new business i have that now pays me every month. Again small amounts but its every month and i am building it up its only a few days and they already sent me this.

Latest amazon and kindle books payments.

Latest Amazon and Kindle book payments.

Me in Bora Bora
I treated my best friends to a limo from the airport to our hotel
.Below is my new 4 bedroom house and pool that i am almost finished building.

I also wrote a book on the build and sell that on Amazon.