News Letter Spain Updates

20th November 2022

Friday afternoon The Embassy gave an update on Driving licence exchange. watch below.

On My Live Radio show last Friday I had the Honoraray British Consulate Alejandro Salvador as a live guest in my studio.

Thanks to all who put their questions to him and we learned a lot.

I will be having more top expert guests in my studio so as you can ask them your questions live on air.

Remember thats Every Thursday and Friday on Almeria radio 107.5 fm. The Wright Way listen in live from anywhere in the world with link here,

Alejandro also told us about the new nomad visa that is due out 1st January 2023 and will allow British people to move to Spain with their families to work romotely for upto 5 years.

You will need to earn 80% or more of your income from outside of Spain to quolify and the visa will be renewable every 12 months for upto 5 years. You will also get big tax breaks and a rate of just 15%. there will be other benifits as well coming later but this is to help get anyone outside of the EU back to spain.

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