Moving to Spain all you need to know

Moving to Spain all you need to know

So as some of you know I have been talking to Alejandro who has a consultancy company who arrange all the documents and paperwork needed when moving to Spain, Alejandro is also the honorary British Consulate for Almeria.

Contact Alejandro Here

His company arranged all my papers and accounts when i first moved to Spain 16 years ago.

In these videos he will answer all your questions and tell us what he knows about Brexit.

Here is the first video in this series.

Getting your Residencia and NIE Number

working in spain and starting a business in spain

 video 3  All about buying selling and renting plus wills in Spain..

You can contact Alejandro here   CLICK HERE just say that David sent you will get a great deal.

Heres the latest on Brexit and going self employed.

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Loads more Info on finding work in Spain and Moving to Spain

Just click on the book that interests you



  1. I am living in Cape Town with my family. We have British passports and are keen to move to either Spain or Portugal. We are starting to research our options and enquire about what would work best for us. I have two children, aged 11 and 15, so have to consider schooling too. We don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese (yet).

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