move to spain in 2023

Move To Spain in 2023

How to move to Spain and where is best and just what are the new requirements now on moving to Spain.

This page will be updated weekly with new news info and advice on how to move to Spain

Move To Spain.

Yes it is possible to Move to Spain in 2023 and there are several options open to you.

Do I Need a Visa to Move to Spain?

From 1st January 2021, the UK is now considered as a “third country”. Any British citizen who wants to emigrate to Spain (or stay for longer than three months in the country) will need to apply for a visado nacionale (long-term visa). This includes those who have a second home in Spain, but no form of residency.

The main visas/residence permits are as follows:

  • Visado de trabajo y residencia. This is a combined residence and work visa, allowing you to work and live in Spain
  • Visado de estudios. This is a student visa which is valid for the duration of a permitted educational or training course
  • Visado de residencia. This is a visa for family reunification or retirement

A British citizen can move to Spain through the following routes:

  • As a paid employee of a Spanish company
  • As a self-employed person with a monthly income of at least £2,000
  • As a student
  • As a family member/dependant of a Spanish resident
  • To retire

Moving to Spain Post-Brexit to Work

It is still possible to move to Spain if you wish to work in the country as an employee of a Spanish company or to work on a self-employed basis.

Spanish authorities have announced that one of the following must apply if you wish to move to Spain as a worker:

  • You are earning money through employment with a Spanish company
  • You have around £2,000 a month coming into your bank account

It is important to note that if you will be employed by a Spanish company, they must complete your visa application on your behalf.

If you wish to move to Spain as a worker and your family will be joining you, you will need to meet additional financial requirements. You will need to show that you have an extra £500 per month for each family member.

As an example, a family of five people would need an annual salary of £48,000 to be able to live in Spain.

What are the Different Spanish Work Visas?

There are several different work visas within the Visado de trabajo y residencia category. Your employer will need to request the relevant work permit pertaining to the type of job you will be doing and submit the application to the Ministry of Labour in Spain.

Usually, you will receive a copy of the application with a stamp from the office and a file number after the application has been submitted.

For standard Spanish work visa applications, the processing time can be as long as eight months. The work permit is valid for one year and can be extended. After five years of residence in Spain, you can apply for long-term residency.

Other Spanish work visas include:

  • Visa for seasonal worker. This visa lasts for as long as the duration of the contract. You must have suitable accommodation to live in Spain and your travel costs covered
  • Visa for Au-pairs. You must aged between 18-30, have an au-pair agreement with the host family and have proof you can support yourself. The visa can be renewed

How can I Move to Spain as a Self-Employed Person?

It is possible to move to Spain as a self-employed person either through registering as an ‘Autonomo’ or through registering your own limited company. In fact, more than three million people are currently registered as self-employed in Spain.

First of all, you will need to apply for work and residency permit from the Spanish embassy in the UK. When you apply for the permit, you will need to provide certain documents and information.

This might include:

  • Evidence you have appropriate finances to invest in your business or to support yourself
  • A business plan (if applicable)
  • Proof that you have the skills and experience necessary to do the work
  • Any contracts and/or commissions from companies

You may also need to apply for a freelance visa to become a self-employed person in Spain.

The NLV Visa

The none lucrative visa updates and requirements Click here

More NLV info

Which are the main requirements to get the non-lucrative visa?

There are two main requirements you will need to fulfill in order to get this permit:

  • Demonstrate the possession of sufficient economic funds. We are talking about a 400% of the IPREM (27,000€ for a successful application). IN the case you would like to also bring any family member, that would imply en extra 100% (about 7,200€) for each of them. 
  • Having contracted a Spanish insurance policy. Without copayments, full coverage within the Spanish territory and with a private company in Spain. 

Should I have the money in a Spanish bank account?

You can have the money in any financial institution located in your origin country. The only thing you must make sure that the main application is the holder of the account in the banking institution. 

Can you get a work permit afterwards?

Yes. And, actually, that is something many foreigners do. They apply for their non-lucrative visa, and once the first year is over and you have renewed, they transition into a work visa

And the reason behind is simple: it will be much easy to get a work permit in Spain after having the non-lucrative residence than starting from scratch. And you can get a work permit  or as a self-employed individual. 

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“How and where to find work in Spain”


  1. Hi,
    My parents are residents of Spain. Can I not join them?
    Also if you have a Ltd business in your own country. With enough income of £2000 each month coming in. Is that enough, with a business plan for opening a business in Spain . Enough to show?


    1. You will need to apply yourself for residencia and meet the requirements.
      If you live with them this may help if not you need to apply independently. if you open a business in spain then you need to submit a business plan of that new business in spain for review. the income is ok and would meet the requirement’s but you need to meet the requirements of the visas that you are applying for. more details here. we have a business expert here that can help answer your personal questions here


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