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Give or Get help from someone who is doing what you want to do. “ALL FREE

Help others follow their dreams or get help from others to make your dreams come true in 2023.

How it works

Be a Mentor or get Mentored.

Some time ago i had a mentor group where we had members giving and getting help from others so as people could ask direct questions , help or advice. or just get some encouragement from others who are doing what it is you want to do or living as you want to live here in Spain.

Now I want to start this again to help others follow their dreams for 2023.

To get mentored“.

Choose from the growing list of mentors below that you want to get help from.

This mentor will help advise you on what they did and things they have experienced to live and work in Spain.

This mentor will connect with you by chat, email or message as you wish and will help encourage and advise you weekly on how to live or work in Spain or just help encourage and push you into making your dreams come true faster. reach out to them anytime for help or chat.

Following someone who has done what it is you want to do is the best way to make it happen for you.

Choose wisely.

We will have a growing list of mentors and you can start or stop with them at any time.


This is a free service and any advise or tips from them are only their recommendations and you need to decide for yourself if you take their advice or not. Life is a risk and anything you do is down to you good or bad you are the one that makes the choices in life but these mentors could help push you into making better choices that could give you your dream life if you take their help.

Both parties cant choose to stop at anytime without notice.

Be a mentor

To be a mentor pm David and let him know what your experiences are here in spain so as he can see if you can be added to the list of mentors. We are looking for people who live in Spain for more than 12 months. working or not working here. Why do you think you can help others, message David with feed back line below or on facebook.

Below will be a list of mentors and their experiences.

Add your name to list at bottom if you need mentor help

you can contact them direct.

You can also add your name and contact details to the “Mentor needed” list.

List of Mentors

David Wright

Time in Spain. 20 years


Bought and sold seven properties and land, built own 4 bedroom house here and run 2 businesses here. been employed and employed others written 4 books have own live radio show in Spain and podcast shows. Married to a Spanish girl. have expert connections in most services you need when living and working in Spain.

Expert field

Working in Spain and building projects in Spain

Interested in being mentored by David. Contact here


John Towell

A lawyer for 30 years. I work for a law firm here in Spain, we have English speaking Spanish lawyers regulated by the Bar Association. 30 years of experience and we cover the whole of Spain. we can help with everything from a visa to a property purchase here in Spain we also have a Spanish qualified tax advisor and accountant formerly of Price Waterhouse Coopers and KPMG.

Contact John here

or here


Helen Llewellyn

Time in Spain: 4 years


Bought and sold two properties, including one with incomplete paperwork.

Renovation of a cave/Cortijo

Helped a family buy a second large house with no money of their own.

Holistic healer and coach.  Ditch your baggage and making your dreams come true.

Expert field 

Finding out what you really want and helping you get there so that you can have a life that feels peaceful and fulfilled.

Thinking around problems.  There is always a way.

Property finding.

Websites: co owned property holistic coaching and healing

Nigel Bradford
Time in Spain. 4 years Experiences, Over 25 years experience of developing businesses and people to improve results.

My experiences have seen me work with companies of all sizes from small start ups through to multinationals, and I’ve worked with people at all levels from CEO’s, & business owners to shop floor. My work has taken me to Europe, Middle East, Far East, & Africa. Expert field Helping business owners grow profits & revenues through coaching & mentoring. Supporting people with leadership skills, including coaching & mentoring. Coaching & Mentoring at all levels (including Executive, business, life skills, & career).

+34 744 616 782

Would like to be mentored list.

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